Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Weekend Trip to Lucerne, Switzerland

This year my birthday was canceled. Leaving the decade of my 20s and turning 30 made me ill. I'm talking about head over the toilet, called Husband home from work, ate an entire box of saltines, down right awful sickening. Okay, maybe I am being a bit of a drama queen. It might actually have been the virus that half of Munich seemed to encounter during February and not the fact that I was turning thirty. Nonetheless, we did NOT celebrate my birthday on my birthday...
30th Birthday Dinner

until two weeks later. Husband planned back in January my birthday weekend. Since it was a BIG zero ending birthday this year he made it extra special. I had told Husband that I wanted to spend my time turning 30 sitting in a hot tub surrounded by the Swiss Alps. I may have mentioned fondue as well... what can I say? I am a foodie. Husband is a self-acclaimed master Googler and he found exactly what I was looking for when I envisioned my big day.
Our Favorite Hotel

After reading fantastic reviews on TripAdvisor and coming across breathtaking photos, Husband booked a weekend at the Hotel Villa Honegg outside of Lucerne, Switzerland. The hotel sits at the top of a mountain with a view of neighboring mountains, Swiss countryside, and tiny villages dotting Lake Lucerne.

My favorite part about Hotel Villa Honegg, besides the view, was the infinity heated outdoor pool. The pool was the perfect spot for us to relax, even in the middle of February. Inside the pool there were lounge benches, jet pools, and overhead waterfalls. One of the best memories was Saturday night after dinner when Husband and I put our swimsuits back on and headed to the pool. In the pitch black of night, we stepped into the heated, mood lit pool as snow fell above our heads. IT WAS AMAZING. I felt like I was in a fairy tale.
The Heated Infinity Pool

Saturday and Sunday mornings we were fortunate enough to have gorgeous weather. Despite being on top of a mountain, the sun was warm enough for Husband and I to enjoy our breakfast on the outdoor patio. The chairs were full of plush pillows and fur blankets to keep us comfortable during our meal. We enjoyed eating local Swiss sausages, cheeses, homemade jams, warm bread, and fresh squeezed orange juice at the start of our day. You can not beat sipping cappuccinos outside among the Swiss Alps.
Breakfast in the Swiss Alps

Husband and I spent the majority of Saturday enjoying full body massages, spa treatments, and the saunas. Most of the time our trips are jam packed with sightseeing excursions and fitting as much into our schedule as possible. This time we made it our weekend goal to simply relax and that we did. It was so nice to pack a suitcase of swimsuits and yoga pants instead of an hourly schedule. One thing I really love about the European lifestyle is how saunas are viewed as essential to personal well being. Coming out of two weeks of being under the weather the steam bath and aromas did help. Of course, being in Europe these were saunas with nudity. As they say...when in Rome! ;-)
Lucerne Beyond

Another thing that amazed Husband and I was how attentive the staff members of Hotel Villa Honegg were during our stay. It almost seemed as if they knew where we were at all times. The staff members went out of their way to make sure our stay was comfortable and we felt like celebrities. When we were at our meals the maids cleaned our room. I wasn't expecting a second cleaning but when we came into our room after dinner I was shocked to find my thrown clothes folded nicely on the sofa. (Though a tad bit embarrassing...) Our room included a free minibar, a refillable fruit bowl, and a Nespresso machine! The manager made it a point to greet us at each meal and was called up to shake our hands at check out. (I have never been so sad to leave a hotel before!)
Maybe 30 is Okay...

This weekend was not something Husband and I do often. If you know me, you know I am quite frugal. Husband and I most of the time plan our trips on a strict budget. We stretch our dollars euros as far as they will go and plan accordingly. Our stay at the Hotel Villa Honegg was a real treat and a special memory for a girl turning thirty years old. I made Husband promise that 30 years from now we will return for another stay at the Hotel Villa Honegg. 
Room With a View

Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving, (name that movie!)


  1. Thank you 13 going on 30! What a sweet vacation! Thanks for sharing :D

  2. I am so glad you had a great time, you deserve it! I am also curious if you keep your romantic promis to return! ;-)
    Now I am hoping to encounter a similar experience when I turn 40!


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