All About Mainly Maren

Is Blessed, Creative, Wierd Weird, Witty
Wife of a never short, sometimes silly, always caring Husband
Lover of scrumptious cooking, dancing in cowboy boots, road tripping
Who feels sometimes adventurous, sometimes old, sometimes young
Who gives high fives, belly rubs, bacon treats 
Who fears bees, wasps, hornets
Who would like to see France, Iceland, Greece
Who lives in Germany transplanted from Deep in the Heart of Texas

Hi Y'all! Willkommen "Welcome" to my little space on the massive world wide web.  I started this blog in July of 2012 as a way of sharing a great big adventure my husband and I embarked upon.  After traveling to Germany in July 2011 we fell in love with the gorgeous Alps and decided we needed more time there.  So within nearly a year to date, we planned a wedding, interviewed for jobs, researched international moves, resigned from our work positions, got married, honeymooned, packed up our home, kissed our family goodbye, had one last BBQ with the best friends and flew across the Atlantic.  It has been one crazy roller coaster ride ever since! 
Right now Mainly Maren is geared towards home improvement projects, crafting, cooking, and our travels in between.  Thanks so much for spending time with us and I hope you see inspirational ideas that will help make life beautiful.



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