Tuesday, October 1, 2013

You've Got Mail

Happy 274th Day of the Year! Better known as October 1st. Today should be recognized as the start to one of the greatest months of the year. No, it is not my birth month....but the month responsible for pumpkin flavors, colorful gourds, and enough candy to rot your teeth out. Yippee, fall is here!

How come April 1st is celebrated by fools all around and October 1st is most often just another day at the office? Well, a quick Google search showed me what all October 1st has to celebrate. Today is the International Day of the Elderly, World Vegetarian's Day (let the animals rejoice), and my personal favorite Postcard Day!

Grandmother's are always the best at mailing cards for birthdays, anniversaries, and sending holiday cheer. This got me thinking, we all need to send more snail mail to our family and friends.  In the modern day of lightening speed technology, snail mail could become a thing of the past. Greeting cards are so much more personal than a passing email because someone took the time to think of you.  

Just yesterday, I dropped two cards into the mail at the post office. I have to admit it had been at least 6 months since my last visit. I was so excited to leave work with the purpose of mailing cards.  Am I the only one who likes picking out the stamps?  

If mailing cards and letters makes our loved ones happy, why has it become just another Christmas ritual to send greetings? Why not send some love all year round?  It sure beats a mailbox full of bills!

So this afternoon, in honor of October 1st being the official day of Postcards, I am dropping two in the mail for our mamas.

Has mailing cards become a thing of the past?  How often do you send cheer to your family and friends?

October Greetings,

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