Wednesday, October 30, 2013

American Halloween v. German Halloween

Halloween.  In the States, as soon as the Back to School supplies are cleared from the shelves, a jack-o-lantern from Halloween's past comes in the night and covers store aisles in a contrasting array of dark orange and stark black. Dentists all over the country rejoice at candy packed shelves over flowing with oozy, gooey, chewy rot-your-teeth out goodies. For the month of October, children everywhere have only one thing on their mind...candy, Candy, I WANT CANDY!!! It's the one day of the year where you can be anything or anyone thanks to the plastic, polyester, crammed in a clear bag costumes. The day when people bring out their humor, college girls aren't judged, and even dogs can play along. It is one of my favorite times of year.

A typical American aisle overflowing with Halloween!

Giant Bags of Candy

In Germany, Halloween is a bit harder to find. If you look closely, it is there. On the 3rd floor of a department store there is a tiny selection of costumes. At the grocery store, at the end of the aisle you can pick between two Halloween candies. Jack-o-lanterns sit on a few front porches and you can buy a witch hat at the  Euro store.  You will be hard pressed to find a pumpkin patch or haunted house.

Department Store Halloween Section in Munich, Germany

From what I have heard Halloween is more celebrated than what it used to be. The children here see Halloween in the Hollywood movies so the holiday is becoming more popular. Last year I saw a few trick or treaters out and we even had a couple ring our doorbell.

This year I have heard ads on the radio for Halloween celebrations at a few bars around town. The Ghost Buster theme song and Thriller are circulating the DJ playlists. Of course, the international groups are also celebrating with their own parties!

Halloween Display Munich, Germany

Every country has their own traditions and celebrations. Oktoberfest is a huge is part of German culture. Halloween here is like  Oktoberfest in the States. It is on a smaller scale but still fun for those who partake in the festivities. So on that note, wherever you may be in the world, have a Happy Halloween!
Halloween 2010

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