Monday, August 11, 2014

So You Think You Can't Dance

One of the downfalls of living internationally, is that the door is constantly revolving. People come and people go. Yes, I am one of those people. It's only a matter of time until Husband and I are on our way back to The States. But for now, we are here and living life to the fullest.
Looking dorky at our
favorite Irish Pub in Munich

Even though some of the friendships might not be as old as some deeply rooted ones back home, the friends Husband and I have made have impacted us greatly during our time in Germany. So, this weekend, I was super sad to say goodbye to my friend Leonie as she heads back to the UK. 

To properly send Leonie off, we did what we do best; we ate dinner at an Irish pub. Sitting around a private table upstairs, we had conversations full of accents from the UK, South Africa, Austria, Germany, Canada, and The States. It never gets old connecting with friends from all the different corners of the world. 
Trying out the newest Irish Pub in town

After dinner, we headed out to go dancing at a local club. That's right folks, Husband and I went clubbing. Is it bad when this phrase comes out of your mouth "I've never been clubbing with my husband"? Let me just say, Husband and I are not the clubbing type. Maybe 10 years ago...(I think I can count the number of times I've been "clubbing" on my right hand) but now we are in our 30s and are perfectly content spending most Saturday nights at home in stretch waist-banded pants watching the latest Pixar movie. 

I had no idea what to wear out dancing. I even stepped foot inside a Forever 21 before backing slowly out and thinking "oh yeah right." I decided to give my closet a chance. 30 minutes later and a pile of clothes on the bed, I settled on this tank top and cardigan. I'm so old, I wore a cardigan clubbing! Bwhahaha! A bathroom selfie? Why yes, you're welcome.

What's even more crazy? Husband and I had an absolute blast! Clubbing at 30 with your Husband is actually FUN! The dreaded pressures from my early 20s were completely gone and I couldn't have cared less who thought my dance moves were less than desirable. (Think Carlton) We danced for hours lip syncing to songs we haven't heard in forever... songs that took us back to high school prom and college days from another decade. A. Complete. Blast.

Shake Whatcha' Momma Gave Ya,

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