Sunday, February 1, 2015

Made it Monday: Valentine's Decor

Hello World! Husband and I had a pretty low-key weekend. And when I say low-key I mean we didn't leave the house and it was odd that I even dressed in my cleaning jeans come Sunday. We had a weekend at home because Husband wanted some rest and I completely lost my voice, spent a lot of time curled up in bed, and ended each night with NyQuil. 
With so much time on our hands, we got the house spic and span which lead me to finally taking photographs of our Valentine's decorations. These decorations have been up since the Christmas flare was put away in mid January. So without further ado...
To start, I must say I decorated with everything I already had on hand with the exception of three things; pink yarn, pink candle, and the red tinsel tree. I rarely "splurge" on holiday decor if I can repurpose or create something myself.

Winter is a bit longer here than it is back home in Texas so I like to keep things warm and cozy through February. This includes keeping out some Christmas decorations within the Valentine's theme of pink and reds!
I had several types of red yarn already on hand from my various craft projects. Curious as to the pom pom instructions I see circulating on Pinterest, I decided to give them a try. They were super easy to making using a fork. I used a larger wooden cooking fork for the middle and end pom poms. The tutorial I used is here
I redecorated our Ikea floating shelves with touches of "love". In the frames, I used Valentine's paper as a background for vintage cards. I kept my favorite wedding photo of Husband and I up because I just love it and I think it fits with the holiday!
I bought the vintage Valentine's years ago because they are specially made for a teacher. I thought they were perfect since I am a teacher and put them out every year. The red hearts on sticks I bought at the Euro store two years ago and scatter them around in various bud vases.
I framed this Valentine with a scrapbook paper background. These frames get changed out for the different holidays and seasons. In December, I had vintage inspired Christmas cards displayed.
This red tinsel tree was a whimsical, crazy impulse buy from the After Christmas sale at Target. Guys... I took the slinky like tree out of the box.... stuffed it on top of my clothes, shoved the poles down the side of my suitcase, and brought this red thing back to Germany with me. In January. Over the ocean. With my suitcase just one pound below the limit. #Crazygirl
Husband originally thought this tree was a bit "out there" but now he likes the funk it provides to our house! I strung Christmas lights up the center pole that holds the entire tree up. Each night we plug it in and enjoy the gleaming red tree full of love!
I decorated the tree with paper hearts cut out of Valentine's scrapbook paper. I also picked up some glittery, styrofoam, pink ornaments at Hobby Lobby's After Christmas 80% off sale. I think I paid $.70 of the package of 8. The tree is topped off with two heart doilies glued together with an opening at the bottom to fit over the tallest branch.   
On top of our bookshelf I kept up our prelit Christmas garland and tree. Our winter is long here in Germany, so the greenery is a nice touch to keep our home feeling warm and cozy through the cold months. 
I kept a red ribbon running through the garland with pink and red ornaments.  
The red and pink ornaments add a festive touch the green garland. I also added wired red hearts and paper hearts cut from Valentine scrapbook paper.  
The tree was swapped out for a pink and white garland made from fabric scraps. Resting inside the branches are more paper hearts cut from the scrapbook paper. The tree is topped off with a pink bird. All of this I had already on hand! 
Technically, the Danish heart basket is a Christmas tradition but I love the touch is gives to the Valentine's display. I made these heart baskets three years ago and they have held up great! 
Underneath the green garland, I created simple strand of the Danish heart baskets, heart doilies, and envelopes from past Valentine cards. I think the envelopes give the whole decor a sentimental touch and it is fun to look at past memories!
Husband and I stay nice and cozy each night relaxing among these fun lights through the winter months. I know the lights are not the norm, maybe too Christmas-y for some, but the lit garland and red tree really provide a nice glow during such dark evenings!

So there ya have it! Husband and I are all decorated and ready for Valentine's Day. Our home is full of love. Isn't life sweet?!

If you are looking for a Valentine's gift for your Hubby, check out this movie basket and blanket idea!

Do you decorate for Valentine's Day?

Does anyone else reuse Christmas decorations for Valentine's Day?

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  1. I love that red tree! I think my hubby would think it was too much too. He's not one who gets as excited as I do about decorating ;)
    Thank you for linking up with us at Merry Monday!

    1. Hi Amanda! The tree actually "grew on" Husband. After a few days on display he said the red tree gave our house a bit of "funk".

  2. I really like the framed vintage Valentine, such a nice touch. I want to start collecting vintage cards for decor! My daughter's room color is almost exactly the same shade of green. I am planning to post her room tour soon. Pinning!

    I am in Texas too, Maren. And also a transplant!

    1. Hi Mila! My mom and I went antiquing awhile back and she got sucked into reading a box full of Valentines. I finished looking at the entire store and she was still reading... they are fun! I will have to check out your daughter's room tour. What area of TX are you?

  3. Love your Valentine decor. This holiday has been a big decorating holiday for me, but after seeing your stuff, I might need to change that! My husband will thank you :) LOL!

    1. The Valentine's decor really comes down to the fact that I am too sad to put away ALL the Christmas decor so it becomes my excuse to "reuse". ;-) I have a good time rearranging things for the season. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I absolutely love your Valentine's decor and I would've shoved that cute tinsel tree in my suitcase Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday!


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