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Made It Monday: Christmas Gift Tags

It's December 1st! The first Monday of the month and just 25 days until Christmas. I'm sure you already know that and are busy getting ready for the celebration. Today I am sharing a super easy, quick craft for Christmas!

If you have been following along you probably know I adore Julia Andrews and The Sound of Music. My mom and I watched The Sound of Music every summer when I was growing up. We would rent the movie from the public library and the songs would stick around for days. 
My Mom (with a bow?!)

It's near impossibly for me to think about Christmas without the tune "...brown paper packages tied up with strings..." popping into my head. A few years ago I wrapped all of the Christmas presents in brown packing paper and I'm thinking of doing the same thing again this year. I just love the simple look of it all! These are a few of my favorite inspiration pictures:

I love that every package is unique and different from each other. You can see the time someone took to create a nice presentation for the receiver. 

Doesn't the whole set up of these packages look magical? I really need to remember to grab red ribbons when I see them on clearance throughout the year. 

A couple of weeks ago I created a Christmas Advent Calendar for Husband. At the end of the project I had scraps of paper sitting on my table. I'm a big believer in using what I already have on hand. Wondering what to do with the paper leftovers, I dug around my scrapbook supplies and found brown cardboard paper. This instantly reminded me of my love of brown paper packages and the idea of Homemade Gift Tags for Christmas was born!

I used a stencil to trace different tag layouts. A couple of years ago I bought a fantastic tag stencil at a local craft bazaar for around 1 Euro. I was quite happy to put it to good use this year!

One side of the brown cardboard paper was covered in the leftover Christmas scrapbook paper I had piled up. I attached the Christmas paper to the brown paper with spray glue. (You can read about another spray glue gift wrapping project here) I even cut a girl and boy gingerbread cookie from a catalog for my niece and nephew!
The backs of each tag I kept brown. I think the brown backs and bright fronts will compliment packaging post paper nicely! Since the paper is thick and a bit textured, I used a red paint pen for the To: and heart. The red really pops out off the brown!

The tops of each card was hole punched and a piece of yarn thread through. I used a mix of three different red yarns with varying textures. I left the yarn ends free so they can be tied onto packaging bows later on closer to Christmas. 

This project is perfect if you are stuck inside on a snowy day or just needing something to do while you watch a Christmas movie! The whole project took about an hour. And there ya have it friends! I'm probably the only person on the planet packing homemade gift tags into their carry-on for the flight home. 

Are you already wrapping presents?

Do you pick out particular styles of wrapping or do you keep it random?

Be sure and check back to Mainly Maren tomorrow for a weekend wrap-up of the Christmas Market in Rothenberg o.b. Tauber, Germany.

Wednesday, I am featuring a special breakfast item that will definitely find it's place on my Christmas Menu this year!

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  1. Gift tags are such an awesome DIY and yours are so cute. Love that it took less than an hour, too! Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday. Pinning.


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