Thursday, February 21, 2013

Verona, Italy

Remember the song "My Sharona"?  Of course you do, even Alvin and the Chipmunks have had their turn singing this classic.  Well for the past month I have been sing my own version..."Myyy Verona".
Luckily, my husband has been so patient to tolerate my random timing, one liner, bust out of "Myyy Verona".  It's all because we celebrated my birthday weekend in one of the most romantic cities, Verona, Italy.
Have you been to Italy?  It was my first time in the country and let me just say, the movies do. not. lie.  Italy is exactly as Hollywood portrays it to be; busy, loud, and amazing. 
 Here are super neat things I noticed on our Verona trip:
-In the hotel room on our first night, Husband and I were leaning out the window to look at the sidewalk below.  When I glanced up I spotted a lady across the street alleyway leaning out her window staring at us. Everything is so close together and you are always being watched by someone!

-Saturday we ate lunch at a quaint, but not quiet, Italian restaurant.  The waitresses talked very loudly, I would almost say they were shouting at each other, but there was never any indication that they were ever mad. Awesome.
-Bidets are quite refreshing.
-Ancient Roman ruins are everywhere you look.  When I saw a coin from the time B.C. I just couldn't get over that it wasn't in a highly secured, top of the line museum.  Instead, it was in a glass box in an open air building, with a lady sitting guard in a folding chair, twirling her thumbs.
-It is not too cold in February for Gelato when in Italy.
 (Thought of you Elizabeth and Charlotte!)
-In Man vs. Vespa the Vespa will almost always win.  Also, Vespas like to hang out together when not in use.
-If a menu says an item is 30Euros, that is not for an American sized portion.  Instead it is 30Euros for that course and you better plan to have more than one dish! (Also why Husband and I did not eat out anymore for the remainder of February! Haha, lesson learned!)

-There are official road signs for cappuccino and espresso.

-People really do flock from all over the world to get a glimpse at the famous Juliet's balcony.

-Italy is romantic.
Hearts. Candles. Juliet. Flowers. Music. Wine. Hmmm....
Verona was an amazing, historic, beautiful city.  Husband and I could not have asked for a better weekend.  It was a perfect first time in Italy experience.


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