Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Camping or Glamping?

 An ocean over, some things are very similar between the United States and Germany.  Other things...have a world of difference. For example, camping glamping. Have you heard of glamping?  It's an actual term in the World English Dictionary:
glamping  (ˈglæmpɪŋ) 
— n
a form of camping in which participants enjoy physical comforts associated with
more luxurious types of holiday

We had been talking for several months about taking a short camping trip.  After looking at a few "campgrounds" Husband was not interested.  His reason: "This is not camping."  The campgrounds in Germany are tightly filled with camp trailers, swimming pools, laundry rooms, billiards, playgrounds, food stores, beer gardens, and CLEAN updated bathrooms.  How can it be camping if you don't need shower shoes?

The worst part- No. Campfires. Allowed. HUH? What is the point of camping without a campfire? This could be a dealbreaker.

The Boy Scout was going to take some convincing.

Despite being described as the "Rolls Royce" of campgrounds, the place I found seemed to be the most secluded out of the 15 or so locations I looked at online.  Meaning, I could see forest in the background instead of a city or someone's farmland.  Husband called and asked if grilling was allowed.  They said yes. Camping was on.

All this for one night of camping...

With our new mini grill, marshmallows, and summer tent we loaded up the car and headed 3 hours west towards the Black Forest.  There we enjoyed two days getting back to nature.  Halfway into our hike through the forest Husband admitted he was glad I dragged him out camping.  While it might not have been as rustic and rugged as the days of scouting, this was as good as we were going to get.

 Back to Nature

Sitting under the night stars, roasting marshmallows over our campfire grill with the Black Forest behind us was just the type of relaxation we both needed.  

Man Make Fire

Oh and in the end, it wasn't so bad using bathrooms fully equipped with toilet paper and hand soap. I actually kind of enjoyed the top music hits playing softly out of the over head speakers. Maybe camping actually is for kids and glamping is for those who want to reminisce camping but with the luxuries of adulthood. 

Camping the Glamorous Life,

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