Monday, August 26, 2013

Red Pepper Relish

Many of my friends either went back to teaching today or sent their kids off to school.  Here in Germany we still have two more weeks of "summer". Let's face the facts, I'm wearing a fleece right now. In honor of Back to School I put together a blog entry that is school inspired really has nothing to do with the day.  I guess red peppers are red like apples....and students take apples to their teachers but that is a bit of a reach. Nonetheless, I hope everyone has a great first day back at school!
Husband and I went to a BBQ, German style, at the beginning of the summer with his colleagues and their wives.  I was really excited to go for two main reasons; 1. Speaking in German for longer than a minute and 2. Seeing what types of foods are brought to German Bar-B-Ques.

One dish that caught my attention was Red Pepper Coleslaw.  Husband and I eat red peppers just about daily.  Why has it never crossed my mind to shred red peppers?!  

Well this weekend something amazing happened.  I opened the fridge to find a jar of pickle juice just hanging out next to the red peppers. Who keeps random jars of pickle juice around? This girl. Badda bing, badda boom and the idea to pickle those red peppers was born. 

It was so easy AND resourceful! Grandma would be proud. Look:

This mini food processor has been one of my favorite wedding presents.  It's storage spot is down below in a cabinet but I have found that I am constantly pulling it out of the dishwasher.  I'm using it so often that the processor might just find a new spot on top of the counter. Be jealous other jealous.  

All you do is seed and cut four red peppers into chunks.  Chop in the processor for a few seconds until the peppers are a nice shredded consistency.  Don't over do it. Then scrape the shreds into the pickle juice.  Seriously, it is so easy it's almost embarrassing I'm blogging about this. The Red Pepper Relish stayed in the refrigerator for two days before I served it. 

Last night Husband and I had a side of our relished red peppers with dinner.  I drained the juice before putting the relish onto our plates.  The pickle juice gave a complementary flavor to the sweetness of red peppers. The red pepper relish was great alone but I think it also would make a delicious topping for hot dogs as well.  

Now go eat your pickles so you can make Red Pepper Relish.

Happy School Year,

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