Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Friday Favorites: Random Cows

It's the last Friday in November. Where did this month go? Better yet, where did the entire year go? I am in shock that Monday is December 1st. 

I couldn't let this Friday get by without sharing some of my favorites! I'm linking up with Andrea!

Eins: Shelby Dog
I have the hardest time taking photographs of Shelby Dog. She always looks away from the camera or has a timid facial expression. Tuesday, I was snapping pictures for Recipe Club and saw Shelby sitting perfectly still. I took advantage of the situation and took as many photos as she would let me. Afterwards, I made it out to be a big deal telling Shelby what a good girl she was and gave her a treat. 

Zwei: Cow Butter Dish

This week Husband's family gave each other ideas for Christmas presents. A few weeks ago I spotted a cow butter dish in Penny's kitchen on The Big Bang Theory and thought it was awesome! I found one online and added it to my wishlist!

Drei: Cow Baby Toy

 Another cow? I'm suddenly thinking I might have a cow problem that is fairly new. I grew up on a cattle ranch in Texas but having two cows in my Friday Favorites...Weird? I bought this adorable cow baby toy at a handmade Christmas market and it is going into my "hope chest". 

Vier: G-Pa
My grandpa, aka "G-Pa" just celebrated a birthday! My parents were able to help him celebrate with an early Thanksgiving feast and I'm so bummed to have missed the event. I used to spend a lot of Friday evenings with my grandparents while growing up. My grandma always served chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and ice cream for dessert. We watched television and it usually ended up with my grandpa falling asleep (possibly snoring) on the couch but his excuse always was, "I'm resting my eyes."

Funf: Danish Christmas Plates
image asset
Part Danish, my grandmother, mom, and aunts have collected Bing & Gr√łndahl Christmas plates over the years.

I made Slow Cooker Taco Soup this week and it turned out delicious! It was the perfect contrast to the traditional Thanksgiving foods we indulged in on Thursday. (and Friday!) The recipe is super easy which is always appreciated during the work week. 

Now I'm off to join in on some online Black Friday shopping! Top of my list are Pottery Barn and Nordstroms.

Who is out shopping on Black Friday?
Where are you shopping today?

Happy Weekend,

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