Thursday, November 13, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up: Berchtesgaden, Germany

Sorry I've been quiet this month. I have been super busy finishing up my Christmas orders so they ship on time for the holidays! Also, Husband and I have had some major life decisions on our minds lately. Please keep us in your prayers as we decide what is best for our family and the future.

Until then, I am keeping this verse in mind and my heart open to God's guidance with trust in His plans. 

Saturday, we did get out of the house and went on a little day trip. Day-trips have been a great way for us to see places that are not in the normal tourist's path. A few weekends ago we visited Salzburg, Austria but this time we stayed in Germany. 

In August, Husband and I visited Eagle's Nest about 2 hours south of Munich. You might recall Eagle's Nest was Hitler's mountain home on the border of Austria and Germany. He actually only stayed there a couple of times and had a fear of heights. 

On the patio of Eagle's Nest 
Then at the tail end of The War, American troops discovered a gold-plated elevator in a mountainside. It led up to the top of the mountain, the only way in, and opened up into Eagle's Nest.

This is where a few members of the military chipped away at the marble fireplace to take home as souvenirs. Okay... history lesson over. Stepping off my American history obsessed soap box. Let's get on with this past weekend! 

Below Eagle's Nest is the well-known mountain town of Berchtesgaden, Germany. Less than 10,000 people live here among the beautiful peak views, natural gorge, and alpine picturesque scenes. Husband and I decided in August we needed another visit to Berchtesgaden with more time to take it all in! Saturday we went back to see what we missed during our first day trip.

Our first stop was the city center. And by city center, I mean, the two short streets surrounding the old palace. Right away we found an art shop filled with tons of handcrafted, handmade pieces of art. Husband picked out a wax dipped, dyed, then hand-carved goose egg. I thought he was a little crazy for picking out an egg...but our moms gushed over how "gorgeous" it will look on our Christmas tree. 

A few doors down from the handmade shop, we found a small local cafe for lunch. From the storefront window the atmosphere looked trendy and promising. When we walked in...the cafe grew silent. I could feel every single eye watching Husband and I as we made our way to the counter. Have you ever experienced this? It was obvious to everyone in there that we were not local Berchtesgaden folk. I suddenly felt a bit insecure and out of place.

After ordering salad, soup, and sandwiches we settled into a small table towards the back of the cafe. While sitting and waiting for our food, it dawned on me this was actually a bio vegetarian cafe. It definitely was a "Huh. That's interesting" moment. The food turned out to be super fresh and absolutely delicious! 

Then we strolled the remaining part of the street enjoying the brisk, early afternoon. We stopped for some fall photo opportunities. Have I mentioned how much I love fall?! Best season ever!

Husband and I spent the rest of the afternoon at the salt mine. After seeing advertisements around Munich, reading reviews on Trip Advisor, and a Flat Stanley project from years ago (thank you 2nd grade!) I knew I wanted to tour the inside of a salt mine. 

At the salt mine we had to put on jumpsuits over our clothing. Then we rode a mine train 600 meters into the mountain. It was exhilarating! Check out my facial expression... I think it says it all. 

 The guide led our tour group through different areas of the salt mine in previously mined sections. Two times we had the chance to slide down from one area into another. Sliding was the best part! No seat-belts, handrails, helmets, padding, or bars... Just a wooden beam we straddled between our legs as we leaned back, lifted up our feet and took a quite steep slide down deep inside a dark mountain. Again, check out our faces!
When we left the salt mine, back outside, Husband and I were greeted with a beautiful sunset behind the Alps. A light snow dusting on the mountain tops and autumn trees full of warm colors below left me in a state of zen. It was the perfect end to a fun-filled Saturday day-trip. I was ready to go back on Sunday!
I think I could seriously stare at this forever. Lately, I have joked with Husband about moving to Colorado or Alaska. He has warned me to be careful with joking because the last time I joked...we ended up moving to Munich! 
But seriously, I would be sooo happy with a lifetime of the mountain top views and a setting sun. Plus snow and cold weather= cute sweaters, chunky scarves, and fuzzy wool socks!
There you have it friends, Berchesgaden, Germany. Sixty years later the view is quite different. This was a most definitely a place we said "Someday we'll have to bring the kids back here." That salt mine was incredible!

Have you taken any fall day-trips? I'm debating on whether or not I want to flea market this upcoming weekend or visit Fussen, Germany to catch the last of the folliage. Thoughts?

Happy Thursday,


P.S. This post has been brought to you by Starship's "Nothing's Going to Stop Us Now" on repeat!


  1. I love seeing all your pictures, especially with the fall color. My kids loved the salt mines when we visited at Easter 2012. Unfortunately, we had horrible fog on the day our tour took us to the Eagle's Nest. I hope your decisions will all be resolved soon and with as little stress as possible.

    1. Thank you so much Tanya! We even said "Someday we'll bring the kids here" after seeing how fun the salt mines were. I'm glad you guys enjoyed it during your visit!


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