Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday Favorites: BMW and Books

Three weeks from now Husband, Shelby Dog, and I will be in the car headed to the airport on our big move back to The States. This week has been pretty tame with just a few chores, moving items, and business to take care of. 

Here are a few of my favorites from this past week:

1. Shelby Dog's 5th Birthday:
Only in Bavaria do they have pretzel dog treats!

A lot of people were celebrating Cinco de Mayo this week but we were busy looking forward to Seis de Mayo, Shelby's birthday. 
On her birthday, we took Shelby to our local pet store. We picked up a few things we need to make her flight back to Texas as comfortable as possible. For the flight she needed puppy pads, an attachable water dish, and a new tug bone for no reason other than she has Husband wrapped around her paw. 
Then she smelled something delicious right as we were checking out.... who says dogs aren't kids?! 
So we gave in and bought her a birthday treat! Then Husband and I embarrassingly sang "Happy Birthday" to our Shelby. Her tail was wagging a million miles (or kilometers) a minute!

2. Burger House

Would you believe one of the best burgers we have ever tasted was not in Texas but in Munich? Our favorite weekend lunch spot is a tiny joint called Burger House. It is so tiny you rarely can get reservations but we have perfected the timing to getting a table. But I won't reveal that secret...
Last week I was talking about Pilates and this week I'm talking about Chili Cheese Fries... what a double standard. At Burger House I always get the same meal; Chicken Camembert with a side of Chili Cheese Fries. On special occasions, like any week day that ends in the three letters ______d-a-y, Husband recreates the Chicken Camembert using flattened chicken breast and frozen (uh hem, no judging) fried Camembert patties. OH my word. Delicious! 

3. BMW World

I mentioned last week that we were going to visit BMW World and Museum. Well, Sunday we woke up to rain for days, so in the afternoon we headed over to see what these places were all about. BMW World was packed full of people, kids, tourists... We enjoyed walking around looking at all the different models including Minis and Rolls Royces. 

BMW World had a small exhibit about the cars made in the U.S.A. I was a bit surprised because I always thought the cars were still shipped over from Germany. 

4. Home Office and Guest Room Inspiration

Yesterday, I posted two different designs for the remodel of our Guest Room and Home Office space. I would really love it if you could check it out and let me know what you think!

5. Quick, Quick, QUICK Jenny Colgan Giveaway!
Last week I talked about reading Jenny Colgan's Summer at Beach Street Bakery, the sequel to Beach Street Bakery, and now I have finished both books! I stayed up until 3 a.m. Wednesday night not able to put down Summer at Beach Street Bakery.

Summer at the Little Beach Street Bakery by Jenny Colgan
Now with our move coming up... I thought it would make things easier if I passed on my two copies for someone else to enjoy. (Saves me space and weight in a box!) Just a quick giveaway so I can get them dropped into the mail Monday morning!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Do you celebrate your pet's birthday?

What book should I read next? 
I am always looking for fun, lighthearted reads to add to my summer book list!

Who has a BMW and what do you think?

Have a fantastic weekend, friends! We will be busy painting the walls back to white. Fun, fun! See you next week!

Make Life Beautiful,

Linking up with Andrea today to bring you these Friday Favorites!


  1. Happy birthday four legged baby doll! I think a chew toy will be great on a plane. Those poor ears!!! I bet they pop like none other. Just think about the frustration....chew it out! Hmmm, those could be good for humans! BMW's nice rides and my husband says they last. All the people I know who have them are old....I think that relates to how the younger gens are into their SUVs. I cannot wait to check your post on the design, that's one of my favorite things in this world. I have a room to plan too. Hoping to get both of those books for June. Thanks for sharing the titles!!! LONG comment, sorry! xo Amanda

  2. That burger place looks amazing!! It's 6:45am & I'm majorly craving a burger now :)

  3. Oh my gosh, I celebrate my dogs birthday! And any time I go to a new place that has a cute little pet shop, I go in and buy him a special treat. Haha BMW's are great cars! My mom had one and loved it... I'm a Toyota girl I'm partial to them.
    Have a safe trip!!

  4. That burger place looks ah-mazing! I love that you celebrate your dogs bday. We have a cat and a dog (and 3 girls) but we have never really celebrated them. However, they both have the same bday month, so maybe we need to change that, haha...Good luck with your move!

  5. Happy birthday to your dog! We totally celebrate our dog's birthday. She is a lab & just turned 10 on March 1st.
    Have you read any Liane Moriarty books? All 5 of hers are AWESOME.
    If you want a really easy beach read. check out the Shopaholic Series, by Sophie Kinsella. I am reading those now!

  6. Awe, Shelby is a previous baby girl! Happy Birthday to her!
    I was going to suggest Liane Moriarty books as well! I'm barely one my second one but so far she is in my top 5 favorite authors! I also love anything by Nicholas Sparks!

  7. That burger and those fries look and sound AMAZING. Yum!

    We kinda celebrate our dog's birthdays. Sadly enough, we got one of our dogs on November 8th (she was a rescue from Thailand, so we picked her up at the airport). They come with little passports and hers said 10/11 as her birthday...but we didn't even think about how they format the date as day, then month, rather than month, then day. So her first birthday with us was two days after we got her and we missed it!

  8. Hope the move goes well!! Just found your blog so cute ;)
    Chelsea @

  9. Those books look so fun! They seem like they would be right up my ally, sadly our library doesn't have them ... maybe I'll splurge and actually buy them. Thanks for your recommendation! :)

  10. Our dog will be turning 1 in June and my 9 year old has been planning his "party" for months!

  11. I love celebrating my dogs birthday! Daisy will be 7 in May! It seems like it was yesterday she was a little puppy. We always go full out and have a party with all of her doggy friends! Love this post. I hope you will check out mine! - Seri from

  12. Happy Birthday Shelby!!
    Those burgers are making me hungry at 11:30 at night ;)
    Hope painting is going well! :)


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