Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Favorites: From Hamburg

Things are wrapping up for us on this side of the world. Our crate was packed Wednesday and we said goodbye to some great friends. As you are reading this, we are in Hamburg, Germany starting out on our last European vacation for a while. 

Here is a glimpse into this week's favorites:

Eins: Packing + Common Sense= ????
So far we know the movers packed all of our paper towel rolls, half of our water kettle without the base (with Euro plug), a basket of garage sale clothes, a ripped Nike bag meant for the trash, and almost a dirty French Press. (Luckily, Husband caught that near mistake just in time) Who else knows what crazy things might have ended up boxed? Read more about this craziness here.

Zwei: Goodbye Tour of Munich
My brother and his girlfriend stopped for a quick visit in Munich. (Travel tips here) We took them on a marathon tour of the city. There was so much walking involved, my sandals cracked. (Take note of my tennis shoes the next morning....) Showing them all of the popular sites gave Husband and I a chance to say "Auf Wiedersehen" to Munich.
This was Sunday night after a street festival ended. The cleanup crews were out and about but that didn't stop all of us from taking a few photos. I just love this picture of Husband and I with the blue night sky, yellow glowing street lights, and lit arch. 

Drei: Pinned This Week
I found Maria's blog "Sew Travel Inspired" this week through a crafty link up party. She created rattlesnakes (or any kind of snake really!) using old men's ties. Even though I absolutely HATE snakes, I thought these STUFFED snakes were too cute! Maria gives a step by step tutorial and I can just imagine how cute several of these snakes would look bunched together. 

Vier: Hamburg
Yesterday, our drive from Munich to Hamburg took nearly 9 hours. We were exhausted but still wanted to see a bit of the city at sunset. This is the city hall with a beautiful copper rooftop!

This is me with Mr. Martin Luther. Hamburg is mostly Lutheran. Today we plan to visit a few of the cathedrals including a sailor's church. I am also looking forward to a boat tour of the massive shipping harbor. 

After our stop in Hamburg, we are making our way up to Denmark for the weekend. I am looking forward to attending a family reunion with my Danish relatives. This will be our last visit for a few years and I am a bit sad. If you know me well, you know Denmark is my absolute favorite place to travel. 

Happy Weekend,

It's another Friday Favorites with Andrea! Linking up to see all the fun from this past week!


  1. Hope the move goes well!! I am so jealous I wish I could go aboard :)
    Happy Friday!!Chelsea @

  2. I love seeing all of your travel pics! I'm living vicariously over here :) I went to Germany once & absolutely loved it!! Have fun on your last trip (for awhile)!

  3. So jealous of your European travels! I studied abroad in Sydney (and I LOVED IT) but part of me wishes I had gone to a European country so I could've just traveled everywhere!

  4. Enjoy your vacation! I got the books and am SO stoked to read them, thank you again!

  5. I've never been out of the States and your pictures make me want to visit Germany! I hope you have a fun time this weekend visiting family!

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