Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall in Love

Don't you just love fall? The sound of leaves crushing beneath my feet is a soundtrack only perfect for the changing seasons. There is something about crunching leaves, crisp autumn air, and harvest stands bulging in deep oranges, reds, and yellows that make me homesick. I'm not talking about 21st Century homesick, but 2 decades ago homesick. Circa 1992 small town, brown Wal-Mart, sneaking my mother's not so secret stash of candycorn, homesick.

In September my mother would start helping my brother and I put together a homemade costume. One afternoon I would come home from school and she would surprise me with a costume piece perfectly stiched or sewn with loving hands. When the entire ensemble was completed it was so hard to wait for Halloween night. "You'll get it dirty, you have to wait." My mother would say. The entire house would fill with excitement when the day would finally come that I would get to wear my new costume. A few of my favorite costumes was a pale tulle princess skirt, an Indian dress (before we were politically correct), and the classic plump pumpkin complete with a stump topper.

Someday I hope to put the same type of creativity and dedication into my own children's Halloween costumes. I will probably be crushed the day they beg for the plastic ninja outfit hanging in our local Wal-Mart.
What is your favorite fall tradition or memory?


  1. This brought tears to my eyes! You are lucky to have a mom who made Halloween so memorable. My mom used to dress up in a witch costume and serve punch out of a caldron with dry ice (100 years ago when you could serve homemade treats) She scared and fascinated the whole neighborhood! You will be a wonderful holiday mom and they will never want plastic when you can create a much more realistic Ninja. Any child of yours and Andrew's will certainly know the difference!

  2. I have to agree....the costumes were always my favorite part of Halloween. I never loved Halloween as much as Drew did , but I always got really into planning the costume my mom would make. I always alternated being something pretty one year and something ugly the next. My favorites that I can remember were Glenda the good witch, a bag lady, a southern belle, and Cleopatra. I also agree with mom, your children will have amazing holidays. I bet Shelby has better costumes than most children. ;)

  3. Do they have candy corn in Germany?

    My favorite part of Halloween/Fall is everything pumpkin! I love the taste, look, and color of pumpkin. I think I'll run to Starbucks for a pumpkin latte... :)



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