Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Shelby Saves the Day

Our dog Shelby has been in Germany for less than a week and already we have gotten our moneys worth. And it was not cheap to fly her internationally but that is another post some other time.
Last night we went to bed with Shelby resting on her pillow next to our bed.  In the middle of the night I was awoken by noise in our apartment. Shelby was pacing back and forth between our bedroom, the hallway, and the living room.  The clicking our her pawnails on the laminate floor was so consistent it woke me from my sleep. Curious to see why Shelby was pacing the floor I got out of bed. In the hallway I found our Shelby standing in the living room illuminated by a glowing light. Two feet away from her I saw a candle left burning.  Halfway melted and inches away from Halloween garland, I'm not sure this story would have had a good ending if Shelby had not been pacing.
I'm not sure if she really knew the danger or if it was coincidence I woke up.  Labs are very smart dogs. Shelby probably notices our nightly routines of going to bed. Either way I am so thankful she woke us up.
From now on I'm going to have to go back to leaving myself a "Candle Lit" Post-It in places I will be reminded; doorknobs, toothbrush, bathroom mirror, etc.
What do you think? Did Shelby wake us on purpose or was it mainly sleep-apnea?


  1. My opinion...Shelby saved the day on purpose! Great job doggy!!!

  2. She's a smart dog. I vote for saved the day.thank goodness!


  3. Shelby is a super smart dog. Give her three pats a bisquit and lots of hugs and kisses from me. I love and miss you three. Love, Mom


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