Monday, October 1, 2012

Bad "Bath" Shopping

Friday Husband and I went to Ikea. First we stopped in the cafeteria for caffeine. Husband got coffee and I got a cappuccino, twice! Whahaha what a rush! I also ordered an amazing marzipan dessert that was pink and called princess something or rather. If you go to Ikea look for the round pink cake and try it...

We walked around and picked up some things we needed. After looking at rugs I picked up a red braided one with various shades of lime, turquoise, orange, and purple.  At first Husband did not like it because it was too bright. Later on he saw the other bathmats and hated those as well. Me too. A little bit later we were back in the rug department and then Husband said "Do you still like this rug?" I said yes and then he replied "Yeah, I don't mind it actually." Yippee! He trusts my taste.

With the new rug we headed to the fabric and curtain department. There we, okay mainly I, picked out matching material for curtains that I plan to no sew. Husband stood back holding our goods. When I asked him "Do you like this material?" or "How about this one?" he gave me his opinion. In the end, it only took five minutes, we both agreed on a fabric that will coordinate well with the bright rug. At home I taped the material into the window to see how it all looks together.

The undersink cabinet and medicine mirror we bought used (looks brand new) from a wealthy family for 40E. We have to wait for the drill out of the crate to complete everything. The good news is our crate is in Hamburg, Germany. The bad news is we still have to wait one to two weeks for the German customs to look through everything.

When we do finally have our stuff, Husband has to put up an L Track on the ceiling to hold two shower curtains. We want to get red ones. There is just so much white in there with the tiled walls. Currently we flood the floor with showering a little bit each time.

I think the bathroom looks cheerful and that it is slowly coming along. We actually had a lot of fun at Ikea picking stuff out together. You just gotta feed a man coffee and dessert before you drag them around a store picking out textiles.


  1. Still no stuff? I'm impressed that y'all are being troopers without it. I hope it gets to you soon! Sounds like fun at Ikea. We hit up the one outside of Nuremberg not too long ago. I loved going because it was exactly like the one in Frisco. It felt like being at home.*

  2. That is definitely the truth--all they really need is food and they are much more agreeable. :)


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