Sunday, September 23, 2012

Zwei Monate "Two Months"

Today marks two months living in Germany. I miss blogging so much and hate typing on my phone so I'm going to keep this short.

Top 10 Highlights of Month 2:
10. Free bookshelves
9. Free washing machine
8. Free patio furniture
7.Scrapbooking class
6.Attending Oktoberfest
5. Hiking in the Alps
4. Picking out paint
3. Signing my teaching contract
2. Visiting Oberhausen
1. Moving into our own space

The crate should arrive in a week and a half. Our new kitchen is being installed Oct.4th-5th which means I will be baking Reece's Pieces Banana Bread Oct.6th! Our internet connection is at the mercy of the provider and is tbd. Another difference between the States and the German ways. Less than 3 months until we are back on the other side for Christmas!

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