Thursday, September 6, 2012

As Long As We've Got Eachother

Yesterday I blogged that we would be moving into our new apartment in 10 days.  Well...change of plans...We are moving in TWO days!  For the past month and a half Husband and I have been renting someone else's house while they are out of the country.  I found out the home owners will be back on Sunday night and so that means we've gotta go!  After a minor freak out the panic is over and we are now in survival mode with excitement for another adventure.

Now moving into our own place wouldn't be such a big deal EXCEPT we found out our crate is going to be 6 weeks later than planned!  Gulp.  We have no idea why, but for some reason our crate sat in the good O' USA for a month before taking the trek across the Atlantic. It will not arrive until mid October.  So...this weekend my husband and I will be moving into an empty apartment with just our six suitcases and a free bookshelf (look for an entry in the future on that one!).  It is time to get creative.

Here is what we have among our six suitcases:
-Summer clothes (It's already in the low 60s here.)
-Curlers, curling iron, hair dryer all with American plugs
-About 8 read books, 10 read magazines
-CVS Pharmacy
-Yarn, hot glue gun, felt
-Two random kitchen towels
-Desktop computer (yes, we carried our pc through 4 airports and onto 3 planes)
-stowaway kitchen shears

We sound prepared right?  Well, you're forgetting that we have a month now in an empty apartment.

Here is what we DO NOT have among our six suitcases:
-Frying pan
-Kitchen knife
-Bath towels
-Air Mattress
-Bed sheets

All things that we own, that we packed, that are in our crate, somewhere in the middle of the ocean!

When researching international moves never did I find a blog or article that explains to people how to be best prepared.  Husband and myself have failed as former members of the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America.  So if you are moving internationally, listen up people, TAKE MY ADVICE!

Here is what to pack among six suitcases:
-Pack Suitcase 1 and Suitcase 2 with layering clothes as if you are going on a normal trip.

Wear, wash, repeat over and over again for however long it takes your crate to arrive
-Pack Suitcase 3 with all of your shoes you will need
Forget high heels and cute summer wedges they do not exist in cobble stone countries
-Pack Suitcase 4 with two bath towels, two face towels, bed sheets, blankets, pillows
Things are expensive over here without TJ Maxx, Ross, or Target to help you out...
-Pack Suitcase 5 with one pan, a knife, a few utensils
Who really wants to eat PB&J for a month?
-Pack Suitcase 6 with CVS or Walgreens whichever you prefer.
Benedryl and Neosporin are prescription in Germany and Tampax Pearl doesn't exist.

Looks like we will be doing some shopping this weekend but at least we will finally be in our own place.  The move is definitely going to make us feel more at home and it will be nice to not be surrounded by someone else's clutter.  It will be even better when our own clutter arrives.

Here are some pictures of what started out as organized packing:
The "Store" Pile
*Such a shame to see that beautiful C&B box in storage :-(
Over half of our wedding presents went into storage at least when
we get back to the States everything will be brand spanking new!
 The "CRATE" Pile
The mover dropped the box that had our two china sets inside.
The guy looked at Husband and asked: "Do you want to check nothin' broke?"
Husband replied: "You saw the redhead in there.  You better check that china."

The "Liposuction of the Closet" Pile
More of the "CRATE" Pile
Sure would be a shame if that A&M helmet fell off into the Atlantic...
Our Crate

Hopefully someday soon our crate will arrive here in Germany and we will rejoice loudly on the top of every hill in the State of Bavaria. Until then I'm just thankful I have my glue gun.


  1. Oh no! I hope you get your stuff sooner than expected. But like you said at least you have each other!

  2. Yikes! If that was me, major freaking out would be taking place. Hopefully you are just taking everything in stride. We are kind of spoiled b/c the Army provides things to us. (Our place came furnished, although we plan to put the majority of their furniture in the basement once our arrives, and we were able to get cookware from ACS on loan for free.) Y'all can stick it out for one month. It'll be a tough month, but you can do it!

    Oh, and I so wish I'd packed my pillow. I didn't because it took up too much space (space that I used for shoes, dumb). When I got here I had to buy a pillow and it is hard as a rock. Lesson learned.*

  3. We just bought two pillows at IKEA for 14,99E. If they are horrible we might ask for two pillows for Christmas and bring them back on the plane with us!


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