Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Maren's Dream Apartment

One of my favorite things to do as kid was to "play house". Now that I am a grown up, "house" is still one of my favorite things to do but now it is not just for play!
I remember asking a few holidays for a Barbie Dream Home but I never got one.  Looking back now I am thankful that my parents forced me to use my imagination even if that wasn't their original reasoning.  Not having a Barbie Dream Home did not stop me from playing "house".  Instead I would hunt down every pencil, marker, and pen in the entire house.  I then would sit on the floor in my bedroom and design floor plans.  Each wall was created by laying pencils one after the other.  The result would look something like a birds eye view of a floor plan.  After creating the perfect layout I would then set up and arrange my various pink plastic Barbie furniture pieces.  This would keep me busy for hours (or what felt like hours as a kid) rearranging, adjusting, moving pieces to the perfect spot.  Then when I was satisfied with the entire house, I would clean up not even interested in actually playing with the Barbie dolls.
This past Friday Husband and I signed our contract for our new apartment.  Perhaps in the future when things have settled down I will share the stressful process that is finding an apartment in Munich. (I've heard similar stories from people trying to rent in NYC...)
Husband, myself, and our 6 suitcases will be moving into the new apartment in 10 days.  Luckily, we get the keys this Friday!  This means I have all of next week to PAINT our new blank slate! Can you tell I am excited about this new project?
Since we are in Munich for the duration of the next 3 years and downsized into an apartment, we want to have fun with this space!  It is not our "forever" home.  We are on an adventure and that is the perfect theme for our living space. 
 Here is my inspiration picture:

I think this is a cheerful muted green that I would like to incorporate in our living space.  We will have a neutral couch, bright natural lighting, and similar wood floors.
Here are my virtual mock ups: 
(With the true windows and floors)
Picture 1- With green walls
 I'm looking for a light green with grey undertones not yellow.
Picture 2- With taupe walls
 Taupe without yellow undertones but more grey undertones.
These are not the best examples but I had so much fun playing "house" in real life!  What do you think?  Go green or Totally taupe?



  1. You are so skilled with color and design that I hesitate but since you asked... ;)
    It depends on where you want the focus. The taupe makes the chairs and accessories pop against the neutral back ground. The green walls are the focal point with the decor as accents. Taupe looks more serene. Green is more lively. Both are great looking!

  2. I think we are going to go green in the living room. After reading lots of advice on other blogs I think we will go 1 or 2 shades lighter than the paint chip we picked out. We are going to do taupe in the hallway and follow into the bedroom since our bedding is so bright. I'm going to hack two ikea dressers in a turquoise or vintage mint green color. Can't wait for our crate to arrive!


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