Saturday, September 8, 2012

Yarning for College Football

It's Saturday night and the Texas A&M football game is blaring in my ears.  We are halfway across the world and my husband has managed to pull up the game via online radio.  He was so determined to pull up the game that he did not even take up my offer to guinea pig the cookies I made tonight.  I had to lick the spoon all by myself!
When I took this picture of Husband his eyes were red and watery.  He denies crying but those eyes were definitely teared up missing Tailgate.
This afternoon was a lot of fun.  We drove to three different apartments answering adverts for furniture. 
Here is what we picked up:
-2 Ikea Rast dressers, 25Euros
We will use these as nightstands after I hack them of course!
-1 white Expedit shelf, FREE
This will go between the living room and eating area, more plans in the making for a hack
-3 Gorm shelves, FREE
Currently our closet is a shell so we will put the shelves along one side for shoe and bag storage
Total of $317.98 worth of furniture for 25Euros.  Not a bad deal! 
Look for future entries on my exciting upcoming IKEA Hacks!
Since my husband has been out of town working this past week and my job does not start until November 1st, I have had a lot of crafting time on my hands.  I have been making more yarn wreaths with hope of creating an Etsy shop sometime in the future.  Here is a past tutorial on how to make the following wreaths you see.
 Valentines <3
The Danger Zone 
It is hard having a husband who travels a lot. 
A girl has got to keep herself busy! 

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