Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Day 1

It's 3:05 a.m. and I am sitting at my Mother In-Law's desktop blogging.  Gosh, I hope nobody wakes up...this lack of writer's block could lead to an awkward middle of the night situation. 
In case you were wondering, I'm happily jet lagged because Husband and I are back in the States for the next two weeks!  Each day I will document our events on here.  Since tonight we (started) watching a Christmas Carole, I will keep with the movie theme and organize my thoughts by Past, Present, and Future.
Less than 24 hours off of the airplane and my first stop was my former school.  I spent five years teaching with some amazing people, sweet children, and supportive parents.  Just walking into the office I was greeted with friendly faces, big hugs, and felt very welcomed.  My friend Kim and I were able to visit several classrooms, speak to teacher friends and say hello to what used to be our little second graders.  It was so refreshing to be reminded of what a wonderful school family we had.  I'm so fortunate to have taught with such giving people and to have started my education career in such a warm place.
After the school visit, Kim and I headed to one of my favorite spots in our historic downtown, Spoons Cafe.  I love this place because the food is comforting and the atmosphere has a vintage rustic vibe. I had a BLTA (mmm bacon!) and pumpkin soup with a passion tea. One of my classic Spoon orders!  Better than the meal though was our conversation.  Don't you love having friends that after months of not seeing each other you can just pick up where you left off?
Not a beat was missed as we talked about married life, future plans, and our walk with faith.  While expressing how Husband and I missed meeting with our small group each week, I had an "ah ha" moment.  It has been difficult finding a church to get plugged into in Germany and this past fall we have felt lost without worship. The "ah ha" moment came when Kim reminded me that the people are the church not the building.  If we can't find a place to feed us God's word then perhaps we should find other people like us in the same situation and form a new small group.  Perhaps there is more to the great plan than just work opportunities during our stay in Germany.
The last time I drove a car was July 22nd.  After five months of DB training me around and Husband chauffeuring me in our standard car, Flash, I was ready to be behind the wheel. My in-laws have been so kind in letting me store my car at their house during our time in Germany.  My car is the same one I drove in high school and after 10 years I still love it.  It took me to and from college, back and forth (nearly) every day of my teaching career, and man did we let the good times roll.  I was nervous about driving again after such a long time, but just like riding a bicycle, it came back naturally.  It is amazing how refreshing it was to get back behind the wheel, cruise down Highway 75 and blare the best of country music. The small things...  I know our time together is coming close to an end.  When Husband and I get back we will end up getting a new car. One with four doors, a roomy trunk, side airbags, childproof rolling windows, and if I'm lucky...automatic locks. 
Merry Christmas,

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