Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas Budget Home Tour

Anyone else sitting around eating way too much left over Christmas chocolates?  I got back to school today and found several more boxes of it waiting in my box.  Normally I would throw it out, but this is German chocolate  Thank God bikini season is much further away in Germany than it is in Texas.

Moving internationally a month after throwing a wedding and going down to one salary at the same time put us on a really tight budget the second half of 2012.  I had to get creative when decorating for the holidays and mostly used what I already had in my craft supplies.

Here is our Christmas Budget Home Tour:
On top of our FREE Ikea Expedit shelf was our main Christmas display.
The snowman is actually made from a miniature leftover Thanksgiving pumpkin.  I used white acrylic paint although spray paint would have been a better choice.  I did this as a kid to a large pumpkin sitting on our front porch.  The paint acts as a sealer and slows down the pumpkin rotting.

 Yarn Wreath on our front door. 
Miniature yarn wreath and canvas.  
All materials for these two projects were purchased at the dollar store. Each month I paint a new canvas and change out the wreath for the seasons. 

 Danish Heart Basket Garland
I used scraps of different green and red materials and yarn.

 I plan to use the heart baskets again at Valentines Day! 
Maybe I'll put up a tutorial.

Since we were going to be back in the States for Christmas we decided not to put up a Christmas tree in 2012.  This is something that Husband and I truly regret.  We really missed the memories we've made picking out a tree and decorating it together.  In the future, no matter how impractical it seems at the time due to travel or whatever else life throws at us, we will make sure to get our Christmas tree trimmed and shining merrily. 

Hope your holidays were warm and bright,

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