Sunday, January 6, 2013

Germany Isn't a Third World Country

Last week my husband pushed a shopping cart down the medicine aisle of Target and irritably said "You know Germany isn't a third world country" as I threw in a second box of DayQuil. 

So we didn't move to Ethiopia...and yes I know I can get most of my needs taken care of at Rossman or if not there then at an actual doctor's office.  However, when I'm feeling horrible and shouldn't be let out of the house, the last thing I want to do is stand in an aisle of foriegn products, trying to use google translate, to figure out if something is for my cough and/or just my runny nose.

Here is what my suitcase looked like flying home for Christmas:
My friend Anat asked me if I was serious.  Oh I was.  Just two pairs of jeans, three sweaters, and a pair of pjs was all that I packed for my trip home. I needed space. Lots of space.

Space for ALL of this!
Can you believe my husband and I were able to bring all of this home?! 

Most of these items were packed into our checked luggage and all clothing items were put into our carry ons.  I'm pretty certain our carry ons weighed more than our checked luggage.  We each had two large duffle bags full of new sweaters, snow boots, and heavy cookbooks.

I probably looked a lot like this walking through the airports:
Hunched over and feeling like a pack mull.

Yummiest Item:
Husband- Chili Powder   
Maren- Pure Almond Extract
Shelby- Beggin' Strips

Most Useful Item:
Husband- Metric Set of Allen Wrenches   
Maren- 4 month supply of Tampax Pearl
Shelby- New dog leash

Favorite Item:
Husband- DVDs
Maren- Mrs. Meyer's Lavender Hand Soap
Shelby- Black fur lined hooded coat

Oddest Item:
Husband- Bacon Jelly
Maren- Computer Power Supply
Shelby- Everything else

Couldn't fit into the suitcase so left behind item:
Husband- Jalepeno cooker
Maren- Handmade quilt
Shelby- her best dog friend Lila

We can get an equivalent to most of these items in Germany.  However, it is nice to have the comforts of home when you are in a new place.  Until there is a Pier1 or Homegoods in Germany I think I will keep leaving room in my suitcase!

Home Sweet Home,


  1. I'd say that you are a savvy traveler! I sometimes forget that I'm lucky I get to shop on post, and instead I complain about all the stuff I can't get because they don't carry it. If y'all run out of stuff in the next few months before I move, let me know. I could pick up stuff for you on post and swing by Munich for a visit!*

  2. I hope we can get together before you leave!


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