Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Balcony Beauty

I am a patio girl. I will pick a restaurant not based on the food but the outdoor space. In fact, a couple of years ago Husband got frustrated when I insisted on a certain Mexican restaurant even after he had told me the food was awful. We ended up not going, but I was so disappointed in a beautiful patio space wasted. I'm craving Fuzzy's Tacos!

Going from a backyard in Texas to just a balcony in Germany was a challenge for me. Most people don't downgrade on the brink of 30. Sitting outside (in the shade!) is extremely is relaxing to me like a good glass of wine or a warm bubble bath. It is no surprise that here in Munich we owned a patio table and chairs BEFORE a couch, media stand, coffee table, dining table, or bathroom cabinets. Someday we will laugh at the memory of using a giant international moving box as a coffee table.... Don't worry, the box is gone now.
It was like playing Tetris trying to get into a chair...

Well in April, Husband convinced me our patio table and chairs were not right for our balcony.  At first, I was torn with the idea of getting rid of our table because we enjoy hosting dinner parties.  After moving the table and chairs around for a 10th awkward time, with Husband smirking at me from inside, I knew I had been defeated.  The set WAS too bulky for our outdoor space. After comparing six different lounge sets, each from a different store, we finally agreed on a smaller scale love seat, armchairs, and coffee table .
The BEST room in the whole house is outside! 

Looking back now I can't believe I was hesitant on getting a lounge set.  We absolutely love it!  Most evenings we sit outside to eat our dinner, share a dessert, or read our books by the candlelight. The best part is that the entire patio has been put together on a budget!!!
Rug-14 Euros (from the supermarket)
Purple Chrysanthemums- 2 Euros
Place mat- 1 Euro
Pillow- 5 Euros

Ikea Flower Pot- 2 Euros
Candles- .50 to 1 Euro
Petunias- 1 Euro on CLEARANCE!
Rosebush- 7 Euros on CLEARANCE, Regularly 18 Euros....

Torches- 1 Euro a piece!
Palm Tree- 5 Euros at a moving sale...

I originally wanted to decorate with a nautical theme but when I found the aqua flower pillow I changed my mind right there on the spot!  Just looking around our apartment I found a matching lime green pillow bought from Kohl's, also on Clearance, back in college.  It is truly amazing what random things will make it across the ocean in an international move...a pillow from college?! Wow.  I love how the lime green and aqua colors give our balcony a tropical feel.  It is a nice contrast living so close to the mountains!

The Patio Calls,

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