Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Wow.  As of today, Husband and I have made it through our very first year living abroad.  What a ride it has been!  Living in Germany has been quite a learning experience.  Some parts we are not ready to talk about... other stories have made our friends and family laugh... but all together these experiences, both bad and good, have been a part of a chance of a lifetime. We dreamed a crazy idea, took a chance, and had a leap of faith into a new adventure.  

Looking Back:
 We checked 5 suitcases moving to Munich.  
At DFW Airport the black and yellow bag was over 80 pounds.
 At the counter we had to pull out Husband's white t-shirts and leave them behind.
At the Munich airport, we accidentally walked out of baggage claim leaving our suitcases in the secure area.

We found Stubb's BBQ in Munich, Germany!
At nearly 10 Euros a bottle...we can get a taste of home.

The Alps are less than an hour from Munich.
Here we hiked to the top of the Olympic Ski Jump in Garmisch.

We lived 1 month in a furnished rental house.
Then we moved into our own apartment.
There we went 2 months living with only an air mattress, patio furniture, and the summer contents of 5 suitcases.
It took 3 months for our crate to FINALLY arrive from the U.S.A.

Day Trip to Innsbruck, Austria
It's truly amazing how many places are within a few hours of Munich.

Day Trip to Salzburg, Austria
The start of the magical Christmas Markets!
This originally was our Christmas card photo until our computer got sick.

We were able to fly home and spend two weeks with our friends and family.
Then we hoarded 80 pounds of chocolate chips and nyquil back to Germany.

Our first trip to Italy for my 29th Birthday!
Standing on top of Roman ruins with Verona in the background.

We took an Easter break trip to Venice, Italy.
There was no escaping the cold Munich weather, it snowed in Venice!

Shelby loves going to the lake and on long walks here in Munich.
She also likes the yummy sausages.
Shelby is still seeking a German BFF since leaving Lila Dog.

We got to play tour guide to some of our best friends.
The worst part about moving is leaving behind the people who know you best...
Hopefully they will come again!

Weekend Trip to Rothenburg, Germany for Husband's 29th!
One of our NEW favorite places in Germany.
THIS IS A MUST SEE for anyone who plans to visit.
A blog post with details coming soon!

Seeing the renaissance parade in Landshut, Germany that happens only every 4 years.
 The camera strap says it all...
There is so much more for us to see!

*A special thanks to my husband who worked so hard to get our dream to become a reality.  It took us nearly 9 months of researching, punching numbers, debating, and planning to make our move to Munich, Germany. All in the midst of wedding planning as well! I do NOT recommend the any couple out there.  You and me. Me and you.

ALSO...Thank YOU for taking interest in our journey.  It has been a pleasure sharing.

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