Thursday, November 14, 2013

Christmas Markets

A few weeks ago I was trying to decide if I could take on three Christmas markets this season. Last year I participated in only one market and it was rather last minute. It ended up being a lot of fun and a great experience to meet new people.

Working full time, blogging, creating things to blog about, and spending time with Husband means I am blessed with a full plate of always being busy. Adding preparation time for three Christmas Markets (each wreath takes about 3-4 hours) meant that for a few weeks some things I normally would like to do have had to take a back burner.

For the next few weeks I have time managed ever available hour up until December 17th. Currently on hold is the new season of Downton Abbey (British version), reading for pleasure, and let's face it, our handmade Christmas cards are just not going to happen this year. Husband has really stepped up to help with the cooking and we try to keep our house clean but right now I feel accomplished from one load of laundry.

I blog in the mornings on the train to work. The current time is 7:14 a.m. Thursday but this blog probably won't post until Friday evening.  I write most of the entries on my phone then finish them up on my computer.

The computer is in our bedroom so while I craft I watch listen to movies and Husband uses the TV in the living room to watch whatever stuff it is that he watches. (Something Trek...???) To add to the craziness, I moved the kitchen table into our bedroom for more work space. Husband luckily just laughed when he saw this and Shelby doesn't seem to mind passing underneath to get to her own bed. ***Yes, moving internationally will most likely mean you have to give up having a craft room. Sigh.***

Well guys, you won't be hearing from me again until Market #1 is over and done.  It is this Saturday so wish me luck or you are all getting wreaths for Christmas!!!

'Tis the Season,

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