Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tasty Thanksgiving

This weekend Husband and I did not leave the house.  I'm talking Saturday I stayed in my pajamas all. day. long.  Eventually, I did change my socks but that was about it.  I only sent Husband out of the house one time and that was for a very necessary grocery run.  A cleaning girl has got to eat.  The rest of the time we deep cleaned our house.  It's getting crazy ya'll.

For the past month (or longer) our home has been neglected and over run with junk, Junk, JUNK. Seriously, where does all this stuff come from?  I finally disassembled my craft station, took down all the fall decorations, and threw out three pairs of shoes just because it made me feel good.  

When I say Husband and I deep cleaned I mean we DEEP cleaned.  I vacuumed the broom for Pete's sake.  The bed was moved and the floor underneath went through a dust and dog hair removal process.  The sheets changed, everything that has a surface in any room was dusted, and the bathroom is finally sparkling white once again.  (Thank you Husband for scrubbing the tub) Three loads of laundry have been put away and the dirty clothes pile is slowly shrinking.  

We hang dry all of our clothes in Germany.
Dryers are not too common!

We even went through our "Important" papers box and tossed out a whole bag of useless old letters, bills, and so on.  Not so important now, huh? I have vowed this before but I will vow it again, junk mail will no more come through our front door.  Do you have papers that just seem to collect and collect in your house? Ugh.

In less than a month our very first niece is expected to be born.  I know pregnant women go through a stage of "nesting" before their baby is due but is it possible for the Aunt to "nest" as well?!

Next weekend Husband and I are putting up our Christmas tree and the decorations will be out on display.  Every year before I start my holiday decorating I like to do a good scrubbing on the house.  Knowing everything is perfectly clean makes the decorating process much more fun.  Having the house deep cleaned, reorganized, and the junk thrown out makes me feel so much more relaxed.  

Now then before we can put out those Christmas decorations there is a holiday before that shouldn't be missed, Thanksgiving.  
-Roasted Turkey and Carrots
-My Grandma's Apple-Sausage Stuffing
-Homemade Green Bean Casserole
-Husband's Cranberry Sauce
-The American Classic- Pumpkin Pie

Wednesday night I will bake our Pumpkin Pie and a Sweet Potato Gingersnap Pie. (for my staff dinner) Other than that, as I have told you, Husband is in charge of putting together the entire feast.  He is a great cook so I am looking forward to a prepared meal.

Have you finished your Thanksgiving shopping?  How long was your grocery list?  Is your husband partaking in the preparations?

Thankful for a clean house,


  1. Sounds like a great thanksgiving! Terry did the shopping today while Nicci and I are visiting in Tulsa. terry does the chopping and o do the mixing. its good teamwork.

  2. Was it any easier to leave a comment today? I switched the settings to a pop up window but not sure if that will do that trick. Grocery shopping is a nice errands for our men!


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