Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Vineyard Visit

Earlier this month Husband and I took a weekend trip to Vienna, Austria. The city is beautifully planned, well kept, and enriched historically. We enjoyed spending Friday and Saturday surrounded by such a grand city. 
Weekend in Vienna, Austria

Sunday, we went an hour northwest of Vienna into the Austrian countryside. We drove along a winding two lane road dotted with farm houses, massive piles of sugar beet harvest, picked bare grapevines, and a lone church up on a hill. Just 20 kilometers from the Czech border Husband and I arrived in a town city village. There we had the privilege of visiting one of Austria's family run vineyards, Schlosser.
Baby Grapevines

Sugar Beet Harvest

On a dreary, rainy day it was so comforting to step into the Schlosser tasting room. Austrian decor, fresh garden flowers, and a wood burning cast iron stove warmed Husband and I immediately. Framed black and white photographs show generations working together to perfect the family tradition of wine.
Beautifully Set Table

Frau Schlosser prepared for us a typical Austrian meal. She made oven roasted pork, potato salad, flour dumplings, and molten chocolate cake. Husband said the pork was the best he had ever had. The pork was prepared perfectly with a crispy outside and an inside so tender I never picked up my knife. Since our delicious Sunday lunch I have asked Frau Schlosser for her recipe. Husband's hopeful!
Inside the Wine Tasting Room

Now what would be a tasting room without some wine? I know I jumped into food talk but our day with the Schlosser family really started with a glass of wine. Immediately after hanging up our jackets, Mr. Schlosser handed us glasses of Schlossecco, their sweet bubbly white wine. Husband and I  bought 6 bottles and 4 of them were the Schlossecco. It was my favorite! Our plan was to bring 2 bottles back to the States to share...but...I am not sure that will happen.
The Grape Squeezer
Fermenting Grapes!

Husband's favorite Schlosser wine was a special one. The "mond" moon wine is unique because the grapes have to be harvested during the nighttime. That means when the temperature is just right, beneath the light of the stars and moon, these particular grapes are hand picked off the vine. We bought a couple of bottles because of the care and attention that goes into this particular wine.
Shelby having a muddy blast on the farm!

The Schlosser wines are one of the few remaining Austrian vineyards that still handpick their own grapes. During the late summer weeks the Schlosser's grown children come back to the family farm to help with the picking. The grapes are fermented on sight, bottled in a sterile room, and gorgeously labeled. Around 10,000 bottles of wine are produced every season. This truly is a family run business.

"Schloss" is Key

Visiting the Schlosser Vineyards was a wonderful experience for this suburban girl. Seeing a product go from farm fresh to the table and the artful process that is wine making was intriguing. Husband and I had a fantastic time visiting the Schlosser family. Our vineyard visit was a peaceful ending to a relaxing weekend in Austria.
Thank You Schlosser Family!

Making Memories,

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  1. Be sure you publish the recipe for Schlosser Pork when you get it! It sounds wonderful. And DO work on having bringing Schlossecco to share!


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