Thursday, February 6, 2014

Day Trip to Oberstdorf, Germany

Husband and I have become pretty big homebodies since moving to Germany. During the week we are surrounded by another language, different cultural norms, and frankly all around unfamiliar territory. When the weekends roll around for us, otherwise self-aware confidants, lounging in our pajamas on the couch seems appealing against the unknown, or the more scary, unexpected.
Reading about Breitachklamm in Deutsch

Halfway Down a Gorge
See the river down below?

 Our recent trip to Murnau, Germany made me realize we need to spend more days out exploring the areas around Munich. If we aren't taking advantage of our time now, before we know it we will be back in Texas with a case of the coulda, woulda, shouldas. 
Winter Hike in the Alps

So last Friday, with no weekend plans in mind, I decided to google "Top 10 Things to do in the Bavarian Alps." Don't you just love Google? Right there on my commuter train, at my finger tips were countless links with ideas of how to spend time in the Bavarian Alps. I happened to pull up About's Top Ten Things to do in Bavaria. Scrolling down the list I realized Husband and I have already completed 9 of the 10 suggestions! Maybe we aren't as bad of couch potatoes after all...
Beautiful Flowing River

Reading through About's Top Ten list, #5 Bavarian Alps caught my eye:  "Some of the most well-known resort towns in the German Alps are Oberstdorf, F├╝ssen, Berchtesgaden, and Garmisch-Partenkirchen." Husband and I have been to both Fussen and Garmisch-Partenkirchen, plan to visit Berchtesgaden in the spring, but Oberstdorf? Again, another Google search...
Stuck in a Hard Place

Less than a two hour drive from Munich, Oberstdorf is located in the far southwestern part of Germany. Beautiful Alp mountainsides are the main focal point with the borders of Austria and Switzerland close by. Oberstdorf is a popular winter sports area and is famous for their annual ski jump competition. Remember when Husband an I visited the ski jump in Garmisch-Partenkirchen? Besides winter sports, Oberstdorf has plenty of other attractions as well.
Frozen in Time

Shelby Dog Exploring the Gorge!

Searching Oberstdorf's attractions on TripAdvisor, I found the number one thing to do was visit Breitach Klamm. This is a nature monument that is considered one of Middle Europe's deepest and most impressive rocky gorges. The summer photographs looked green and lush, but seeing winter pictures made me want to go immediately! 
Frozen Mountainside Waterfall

Ice Ice Baby!

In the wintertime, Breitach Klamm is a real-life ice exhibit that even the fanciest man-made ice sculptures can not compare. The frozen waterfalls, 10 foot hanging icicles, and snow covered cliffs presented a glistening winter wonderland. Husband and I spent around 2 hours hiking through the sand covered pathways, careful of the rocky overhangs, immersed in this natural beauty. Exploring the frozen gorge at Breitach Klamm has definitely made it's place as one of my favorite memories. It sure beats the couch!
Making Icy Memories

Make Winter Beautiful,

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