Monday, March 3, 2014

Lady(bug) in Red

I haven't had inspiration to write for weeks...until this morning, when I realized I was in a ladybug costume, on the rush hour commuter train. Yep, among the charcoal suits and dark closed toed pumps you could find me in a furry red, black spotted, full body suit. Even though I had concealed the tulle wings underneath my parka, peeking out at the bottom was a bright resemblance of something Curella DeVil would wear. Just another normal Monday.

Actually this week is Fasching week. No, not Fashion Week, Fasching. It is basically the Mardi Gras of Germany. While living in Germany it has been a lot of fun participating in new traditions, like Fasching. It is always interesting to see the differences and similarities in cultural celebrations. Here the people celebrate the week leading up to the start of Lent with class parties, carnival festivities, krapfen (jelly filled donuts), and a loud colorful parade through the city center. 
Business Casual

Remember when I wrote in October about how a lot of Germans do not dress up for Halloween? They sure do now! For over a month the stores have been filled with all sorts of bright costumes; hippies, cowboys, clowns, princesses, tigers. You name it. They've got it. My personal favorite, a Native American Princess complete with a headdress.
It's a Bug's Life

Today we celebrated Fasching at school. Every teacher and child wore their costume to school (which explains why I was on the train dressed as a ladybug). At school there were lots of princesses, two Spidermen, and one Batman. The children had a dance party, created Mardi Gras Fasching masks, ate sausages handless off of a string, and decorated clown cupcakes.
Cupcake Clowns

Needless to say, today was full of excitement! Also, a special thank you to my friend Kate over at Cut and Tear for lending me the ladybug costume. It was a big hit among the kids and I am so "lucky" to have worn such a fun outfit!  

Make Mondays Beautiful,


  1. You look fabulous at it! I am so happy that you wore it!!!

  2. Thank you so much! During story time I read a book about ladybugs. It was a fun day!


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