Thursday, April 30, 2015

Friday Favorites: Moving in May

Friday, again?! I am not complaining for one second... but I did just ask Husband "What did I do on Tuesday and Wednesday?" I couldn't remember...this week has all blended together. 

Today I am not featuring any of the latest fashions or recent buys because the truth is, I have spent the entire week in my home. In yoga pants. Cleaning. Sorting. Organizing. Scrubbing. Loading boxes. and Repeat.

You won't find any new nail polish colors in today's favorites...The closest I got to a self pedicure was taking the old paint off my toes.

To simply put it, things have been quite glamorous *ahem* around here lately. Just take a look at some of my "favorites":

In case you are new around here, our family is moving internationally from Munich, Germany to our home in North Texas. We are taking 6 suitcases on the flight. Two carry-ons, two checked bags, and two additional. I still have a lot of work making sure our suitcases are organized and unnecessary items go into our shipping crate pile. 

It was really hard for me to start the process of moving and undoing the home we had created. I despise vacuuming. 

By the time you read this post, all of our flat surfaces, rugs, and curtains will be gone to another American family. We still need to sell our chairs, couch, and are also getting rid of most of our DVDs.  Don't worry... Steal Magnolias and Mighty Ducks made the cut!

I am sad to let go of our Ikea hacked Rast dressers. I painted the inside, lined the drawers with fun paper, and added owl knobs. It was a fun and super easy project! (see here.)

Since all of our shelves and tables have been bought, all of our "stuff" is now either in suitcases or temporary boxes waiting for the movers. Welcome to my NEW world. (Eek!) This corner of the house will all be shipped in a crate overseas. It will take nearly 3 months for these items to arrive in Texas. 

When Husband and I first moved to Germany we used a very similar box as our coffee table for longer than I am proud to say. Tonight, I walked in to the living room to see he had set up a "new" coffee table and I just laughed. 

For old time's sake, here is what our space used to look like:

October 2012- The day our crate arrived from The States!


Our space is hardly recognizable after this week! We have learned through prior moving experiences, the earlier we start, the less stress there is at the end. Husband and I still have 4 more weeks in Munich...just us, 6 suitcases, and a cardboard coffee table. 

It always seems impossible until it's done.

Has anyone moved recently?
This move has been great because it has helped us to clear out unnecessary items. 

Next question,
What color should I paint my toenails???

Have a fabulous weekend! Thank you guys for stopping by Mainly Maren and we will see you next week!

Moving Out West,

Linking up with Andrea to bring you another edition of Friday Favorites! 


  1. I love following your journey!! :) I can't even imagine how much stuff you've purged in prepping for an international move! Also, your space was super cute. I love the green wall color!

    1. Thank you! My original inspiration for the wall color came off a BH&G spring edition from a few years ago. We are going more neutral in TX.

  2. Oh my goodness! You guys have a lot going on! Wow. Good luck on the movie. How exciting. And nice to be going home to Texas.

    1. Yes, we are looking forward to a slow down sometime in January maybe?! Have a great weekend!

  3. Hope the move goes well I can't imagine how much work goes into moving internationally! Your place was super cute. Thanks for stopping by too:)

  4. What a move! I have only ever moved across town. Haha! ;)


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