Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Show and Tell: What's In A Name?

What's in a name? That is today's topic. I could talk about the name Maren, or Husband's family's tradition, or our favorite names for our imaginary children but instead... I thought you would enjoy some puppy picture overload.  

This is our my dog, Shelby Louise. Also known on the blog as "Shelby Dog". She is our nearly 5 year old, Labrador in summer/Husky in winter, rescue dog. 
Playing in the German Alps

Before I get to her namesake, I want to give you the background story of how Shelby came into our family. 
Shelby's 1st Picture

It all started on an end-of-summer Saturday morning. I was "killing time", just wondering around Target picking up random things like a red back-to-school cardigan, when my phone rang. My dad on the other end said, "Maren, your mom and I are up here at the SPCA and you need to get down here quick. We found you a dog." Um, what? Getting a dog was not in my day's plans. 
With her best friend, 
Lila Rose and my parents

When I arrived at the SPCA, I found my parents inside a play room with a three month old Labrador puppy and a three year old red hound dog. A few dotted lines, a written check, and an hour later, my dad drove off with the hound dog and I had my mom holding a nervous puppy in the passenger seat of my car.  
Learning Together

Husband, then Boyfriend, sure was shocked when he came to visit later that weekend and found a puppy answering the door. Surprise!!!
Such Joy She Brings

It took a few weeks for the new puppy to get comfortable in her new environment. With time, she learned to trust us. Soon we had a routine down and her dog training was underway with little issues. She tried one time to chew on the baseboards in the bathroom but we kept her busy with bones and toys eliminating that problem. 
Taking Care of Business

A bigger problem than puppy training was figuring out what to call the new puppy. Originally, I wanted to name the dog Charlie after watching the "Charlie bit my finger" video on Youtube. Nobody seemed to think that was a cute idea. 
Exploring "Cinderella's" Castle

Then I came up with the name Shelby after watching my favorite movie Steal Magnolias for the 100th time. Who else can quote this movie by heart? My mom and I would watch this movie every summer when I was growing up. 
Steel Magnolias (Special Edition)
After announcing the name "Shelby" my mom suggested "Louise" as a middle name. The movie Steal Magnolias takes place in Louisiana and Louise just fit. Suddenly, my puppy had a new name, Shelby Louise. It's best pronounced with a southern accent!
"Mama, can I help?"

Shelby Louise has since moved across the ocean with us. It was a traumatic experience traveling by air when Shelby first arrived in Germany back in 2012. After a week of hiding in her puppy hut, she finally felt comfortable adjusting to her new surroundings. 
Resisting an early lunch at Nymphenburg 

Soon we will be making the trip back over the Atlantic and we are not looking forward to putting her through another flight. Luckily, her best friend, my parent's dog Lila Rose, will be waiting for her on other side! 
Shelby Lousie and "Mama"

Who would have thought during a simple shopping trip to Target that my life would be forever changed? Shelby is one of my best friends. She has brought so much happiness to Husband and I during times of homesickness and stressful moments. I guess parents really do know what is best!

And just in case you need some laughter today...check out these favorite quotes from Steal Magnolias:

Who has adopted a pet from a local shelter?

Did you adopt your pet or did your pet adopt you?

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  1. I love her name. I had to do a doubletake, because she looks exactly like our beloved dog Celie who passed away in 2012. I always said she was a husky/lab mix, and she had the same coloring as Shelby. What a faithful friend you have in her!


    1. Hi Tanya,
      Sorry about your dog Celie. I bet she was a great dog! We hope to do the DNA test to see if there are any other mixes in Shelby. She mostly has the personality of a lab!

  2. Steel Magnolias is one of my favorite movies EVER. I have seriously probably watched it at least 500 times. That isn't even a joke. I used to put it on every single night in high school while I went to sleep. Shelby is an AWESOME name :-)
    -Erin (No Bohns About It)

    1. It is an awesome movie! I searched Etsy the other day because I curious to see if the quotes had been made into anything. I was shocked to see hardly anything. I think there could be some great coffee cups quotes from this movie!

  3. Hi Shelby!!
    What a beautiful dog!!


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