Wednesday, May 20, 2015

It's a Crate Day!

It's Crate Day at our house. The movers are here, boxes and packing paper have taken over our house. In fact, I'm sitting on a bare mattress like it is my own personal island safe from all the madness. 
Last night, Husband and I stayed up late packing all of our winter clothes and bedding into vacuum sealed bags. (The kind you suck all the air out of) My friend Anat pointed out that I won't need nearly as many of my winter clothes in Texas but... I love a good sweater so they are all packed.

Originally, I wasn't taking our Marigold chairs from Target back to The States, but I did not get them sold in Germany! I just couldn't give them away, so Husband disassembled the chairs and they are now getting shipped. We plan to set them up in our home office.  
This is my favorite corner in the house. It holds all of our decor items and things that are extra special to us. (Well...maybe not the Brita pitcher)

I thought this was the moving truck but Husband told me the truck with the crate is coming at noon today. This truck just held the boxes, bubble wrap, and packing paper. 

We took a selfie with some of the packed boxes. Surprisingly, all the boxes are labeled in English! 

How is it that the tiniest room in the house, the kitchen, has the most boxes?! I am so thankful someone else is here wrapping each plate, bowl, and cup in paper. We will have some major recycling on the other side of the ocean.

This morning we brewed coffee using our French Press. Husband walked into the kitchen and caught the mover wrapping up the dirty pot. Just kidding. But Husband did get the coffee pot cleaned before it was packed. Wahoo! Remember last time when we unwrapped a dirty spatula?!

We won't see the boxes again until August. It will take approximately 3 months for our crate to go through German customs, make it's way on a barge across the ocean, have a visit with U.S. customs, then get loaded on an 18-wheeler and make it's way to North Texas!

For the next couple of months Husband, Shelby Dog, and I will be at the mercy of our parents. Since our home will not be available until August, we plan to rotate our parent's houses. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Going Back to Texas,

And congrats Elaine on winning the Mainly Maren and My Fable giveaway!

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  1. Wow what an exciting time! I would be a bit unnerved with a three month wait but since your home won't be ready til then it totally works! Thinking of you as you travel home 😄

    1. It is going to be like Christmas unpacking all of the boxes in August!

  2. Wow what an exciting time! I would be a bit unnerved with a three month wait but since your home won't be ready til then it totally works! Thinking of you as you travel home 😄

  3. How exciting! And how great that your parents are willing to put you guys up. :)

    1. Yes, luckily my parent's dog is best friends with Shelby and Husband's dad keeps the mint Oreos fully stocked! Win-win no matter the house!

  4. Wow! That is crazy that it takes 3 months! How fun to think all of your belongings will be on a barge across the ocean?! Quite the adventure :)

    1. The photos are not just for blogging but for documentation purposes as well! Hopefully there aren't any pirates out there looking for Kitchen Aide appliances...

  5. Such an exciting time, Maren!!
    I can't believe you won't see your boxes for 3 months!
    I know you're super busy, but did you get the email I sent last week about winning the Plumb CD?
    Could you email me an address for you in the States? :) :)

  6. It's crazy. This enough goods in the large packing boxes is crazy. It seems a little hell to manage every thing from the boxes. Thanks! luton valet parking


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