Monday, May 13, 2013

All I Want From America Is...

In a few weeks two of my best girl friends will be coming to Munich for a visit!  We have a jam packed 4 day schedule that I will post about another time.  I'm excited to show them the places that make Munich unique and for a chance to show them where Husband and I are living!  I know we are going to have a great time and I absolutely can not wait.

Even though we already have established that Germany is not a third world country, there are some things that an American girl can miss while overseas.  My friends asked for a list of what I "need" and here is what I said:

1. Tampax Pearl- Yes, this list is prioritized.
2. Secret Sheer Dry Solid Deodorant- I haven't found any antiperspirants only deodorants so far. Why mask a smell when you can prevent the sweat?
3. Aveeno Aerosol Sunscreen SPF 50+- Go ahead laugh it up! Red heads understand...
4.Bath and Body Works Stress Relief Eucalyptus Mint Shower Gel/Bubble Bath and Body Lotion (Not in the glass bottle)- A former Teacher Appreciation gift gone addiction.

5. Clorax Bleach Pen- A request from the creative lady over at Cut and Tear who will hopefully give us ladies an art museum tour of some of Munich's finest works.
6. Pure Vanilla, Pure Almond, and Peppermint Extract- Husband and I might not have enough food to last 3 months in the event of a Y2K type episode, but I'm working hard to create my Extract stock pile.

7. Packets of Concord Foods Banana Smoothie Mix- I just really wanted something from Wal-Mart to remind me of those crazy shopping trips back home.

8. Packets of Ranch Dressing- I have pinned just way too many recipes on Pinterest that call for this stuff!

9. Flea Market Style Magazine- It's like Pinterest but on glossy paper.

 *AND* My super big wish but it's a far out there stretch are a pair of these guys.  Not only did I take chemistry at least two times in college, but I taught science, and they remind me of Sheldon Cooper.  Three reasons why I "need" a pair. 

 It is interesting to realize the things you miss when they are no longer easily within reach.  Sure I can live without the items and no I don't really "need" them but they sure would be nice to have again.  As Fraulein Maria sang, these are a few of my favorite things!  I wonder what would be on your list?

American Woman Signing Out,


  1. For me, I always found myself missing the food establishments of home: Sonic, Pei Wei (although Germany has surprisingly good Asian food), Great Outdoors, Any and all Mexican restaurants. My situation was a little different though since we had access to some American items via the PX. Thus, I only wanted the things I couldn't get. Haha!

    1. We started talking about smoked brisket yesterday and I was really missing some Texas BBQ. Do you think you'll ever miss the German cuisine now that you are back on the other side?

  2. Love the post, really made me laugh. ;-) Hope you get all from your wish list.


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