Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How To Spot An American In Munich

Last week during a team meeting my coworkers had a good laugh at describing to me how easy it is to spot an American in Munich, Germany.  They said there are several big indicators and after awhile I will also be able to identify who is not European.

Tips to Spotting an American:
1. Sweatshirts with hoods
2. Tennis shoes
3. Water bottle
4. Surfing on a Smartphone

I just about fell out of my seat as they nearly described in perfection my favorite outfit!  There I was sitting at the table with my travel cup in front of me, sporting a lemon fresh Brita filtered water, in jeans and my well worn grey Converse.  (I really should at least buy new shoe laces) There have been times on the train in my morning commute when I have felt out of place among the dark suits, pantie hose (yes, they are worn here), and carefully groomed Germans.  I love being comfortable and if I do dress casual I at least try to pair it with my classic pearl earrings.  

Example of an American Tourist
Tennis Shoes, Jeans, Fleece, Husband's Jacket, Camera Bag

Since that meeting I have now purchased three new items to my wardrobe.  
1. Espirit Skinny Jeans- The majority of my jeans are meant for tall boots, not the summer flats I see the local girls wearing around town.
2. Grass Green Flats- To be paired with the skinny jeans and to replace the tennis shoes when walking throughout Munich.
3. Spring Scarf- It's almost an identical Anthropologie knock off and can be worn into the summertime! Scarves are everywhere in Munich all year round!

So far my grass green flats have been surprisingly okay for all the walking I do to and from work.  In my new  "European" inspired outfits I don't feel like such a sore thumb sticking out during my commutes.  I think from now on I'll let my Southern accent do that job for me!  

Here is a funny article I found on how to avoid looking like an American tourist in Europe.

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