Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sweet Petunias

Husband and I spent the weekend pretty low key.  Since last week I still seem to be battling a bit of a spring cold.  All of the trees and flowers are finally in full bloom and we've had a lot of rain here in Munich.  No doubt there are some allergies and colds going around. 

We did get a chance to plant some new flowers.  In Germany during the summertime it is pretty common for people to place flower baskets over their balcony railings. By late summer you sometimes will see Petunias bursting out of their baskets in massive groupings.  Petunias are a popular choice and they seem to grow quite well in the area. 

My Inspiration

Our New Petunias Outside the Bedroom Window
We have a ways to go!

I decided to give Petunias a shot this year in hopes of achieving my own overflowing baskets of bright colors.  We planted two red and one deep purple in a basket just over a foot long.  These flowers are special to me because they remind me of my grandfather.  He loved Petunias and even used to call me Sweet Petunia when I was a kid. Hopefully we will have a beautiful flowering display come the next couple of months. 

In other news, Husband and I both had the pleasure of Skyping with our mother's today.  With our big year in 2012, we could not have done it all without the help of our moms.  Thank you guys for everything you have done for us not only last year but every day before then.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

Happy Sunday,

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