Monday, May 20, 2013

How to Organize a Bookshelf

Many months ago this Ikea Expedit bookshelf was the only piece of furniture in our home.  Wait, that isn't completely the truth....Husband and I also had 6 patio chairs set up around our living room.  As you can see, our new to us (FREE!bookshelf was in need of some Monica Geller.  

My Favorite Expedit Bookshelf Inspirations

How I Organized My Expedit Bookshelf:
1. I took everything out of the bookshelf that did not belong in our living room. (ie, blow dryer, wall paint, Aggie flare, bathroom light)  
2. Then I organized the remaining items into the following groups: 
  •  Husband's books
  •  Maren's books
  •  Travel books
  •  Coffee table books
  •  Board games
  •  Puzzles
  •  Picture frames, any decorations, misc.

3. Next, I alternated rows and columns by placing books vertically or horizontally so that there was varying displays.  I also switched up whether or not the books were on the left or right side of each cube. The board games and puzzles are larger so I placed them on the 3rd shelf towards the bottom.  It took several tries and moving things around until I got the look I was hoping to achieve.

The Finished Bookshelf!

4. The bottom shelf was empty for a long time (7 months) until I found these white baskets at Ikea.  I did not want to use the traditional square baskets that fit the Expedit shelves because those are underneath our TV stand.  I thought 8 of the exact same Ikea baskets in our living room would be too matchy matchy.  To break up the white shelf from the white wicker baskets, I added a weaved green cloth tie to the top of each basket.

Another idea I had for the bookshelf was to wrap each board game and puzzle box in coordinating gift wrap. I think that varying green papers would match the magazine and stationary box nicely. On the outside of each box I could place a label that stated what game was inside...Apples to Apples etc.  Perhaps I might do this come a rainy day... Is this a crazy, insane idea?

Here's a final look at the bookshelf transformation:
Much Better!

Organizing Freak of the Week,

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  1. Dramatic improvements, well done! Fancy organizing my studio shelves? ;-)


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