Monday, January 6, 2014

A TEXAS Size Goodbye

After a two and a half week unhealthy dose of Tex-Mex food, Husband and I decided to change it up for our last meal in Texas.  We thought a little soul searching was necessary so we had the family meet up at the nearby Babe's Chicken this past Friday night.
Babe's Chicken

There we all enjoyed heaping mounds of deep fried chicken, sweet corn, peppered green beans, mashed potatoes, gravy,  and piping hot biscuits with molasses and honey. As in true Southern style, all washed down with a glass of sweet ice tea.

Under the quirky cowboy signs, stuffed chickens, and Texas flag we sat talking about the wonderful Christmas break, hopes of upcoming European vacations, and how time is certainly flying.

No family meal would be complete without a little bit of some pass-the-baby. One of the hardest things was leaving behind our sweet newborn niece.  After so many years of waiting for her to arrive, she is a true Christmas miracle.  We are looking forward to next Christmas when she and her upcoming brother (another miracle due in March) are into everything under the tree!
Uncle Husband

This week I will fill you in on our whirlwind Texas and Oklahoma tour.  For now, we are resting back in Munich and work starts back up tomorrow morning.
Y'all Come Back!

God Bless Texas,


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