Monday, January 27, 2014

Addicted to Love (and a good bargain)

 Back in 2011 when Husband was just Boyfriend, Valentine's Day fell on a Monday. Husband was traveling for work that week so we postponed our Valentine's celebration. We decided to honor Valentine's Day on February 17th instead of the 14th. This turned out to be a great idea!
Maren and Boyfriend 2011

For Valentine's Day, I decided to make Husband a fleece blanket big enough for two people. Since we both went to rival universities I wanted each of our schools to be represented. One side of the blanket was Husband's university and the other side mine. (Wreck 'em!) I bought 2 yards of each fleece material at my local fabric shop. The total came out to be $60 and I nearly fainted right there in the check out line. My first thought was "OH crap that is expensive." and then "Will he realize how nice this blanket is?" (I really should do mental math more often) With no other creative gift idea in my mind I sucked it up and took my new fleece fabric home.
Texas Tech Fleece

This entry isn't about how to make the fleece blanket but you can find directions here.
Texas A&M Fleece

When the fleece blanket was finished I decided the best packaging option would be a gift basket. If you know me, you know I love gift themes. Every gift has to have a theme! For Husband's Valentine present I decided to do a movie basket theme. I went out and bought a movie he would enjoy. Another $20 spent, my gift was now grand totaling at $80 and closing in on our set amount. (100 bucks)
"Valentine's Day" 2011

To fill the rest of the movie basket, I went to our local popcorn shop and picked up some goodies. I bought 3 different flavors of popcorn; Dill Pickle (my fav!), Candy Coated, and McKinney Mix (jalapeno and caramel). There I was also able to buy two sugarcane Dublin Dr. Peppers in the vintage glass bottles. How cute! $10 spent at Mom and Pop Popcorn brought the gift total to $90.
Valentine's Day 2012

The great thing about celebrating Valentine's Day after February 14th is everything cupid related is slashed at least 50% off! Chocolate, candy, and cookies do not go bad automatically the day after Valentine's but stores must clear the pink and red aisles for the next big holiday, St. Patrick's Day. 
How Cute Is This! Source

At my local Wal-Mart and Cookies 'n Bloom Bakery I bought an assortment of Valentine's candy and heart shaped sugar cookies to add to the movie basket for less than half the original cost. My remaining budgeted ten dollars went much farther than it would have a few days prior. This sweet purchase brought the movie basket right in at our set limit amount. 
Boyfriend's Movie Basket in 2011

Sure Valentine's Day was technically over...but Husband and I can celebrate the love for each other any day of the year! In 2011, it happened to be on three days later on February 17th. Here we are in 2014, still cuddled up on the couch enjoying movies together and keeping each other warm underneath that fleece blanket.
February 2013

Addicted to Love,

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