Sunday, January 12, 2014

From Christmas to Valentines

The sun is brightly shining in Munich.  Yesterday, I wore my jean jacket out shopping and left my bulky winter parka hanging at home.  I envision Mother Nature giving us this beautiful, almost spring-like weather with an evil laugh while drumming of her fingertips.  Snow is in the forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday but we shall see if it sticks around.  Last year, the snow kept coming all of January and well into February. Despite this weekend's gorgeous weather, I know it is only a matter of time before the grey skies take over and my breath lingers in front of my face. 

Husband and I worked Saturday morning taking down our live (now deceased) Christmas tree.  What a chore!  Husband took the tree out of our flat, into the hallway, and carried it all the way to the recycling center.  I was left with a trail of needles from our front door, into the building's hallway, down the marble stairs, and it all ended with a well gathered collection at the main front door.  So still wearing my Husband's Star Wars pajama pants, toothpaste dribbled sweatshirt, and dirty recess hair, I took on the task of sweeping up all of the pine needle remains.  Luckily, our neighbor is the only one to witness this awful site.

As for the rest of our Christmas decorations, I decided to leave up our lighted garland and miniature fir tree. In anticipation of dark winter weather upon us, I know some greenery will be a welcomed sign-of-life in our home.  Left alone and looking a bit too much like Christmas, I decided the greenery needed a bit of flirty flare. 

Besides being my birth month (a BIG zero ending birthday is fast approaching!), February is one of my favorite times of year. It was only natural that the Christmas greenery should now become fun lovin' in bright pinks and reds for St. Valentine's Day!

You know the saying "Less is more"? Well, that doesn't apply with what I did to the decorations.  I wanted the garland to look like Cupid came in and spilled a bucket of hearts, cards, pictures, reds, pinks, X's and O's everywhere.

The items I used, I already had on hand. Most of the items were found at the Euro/Dollar store.
-Pink Christmas ornaments
-Red Christmas ornaments
-Pink butterfly
-Hearts cut from Valentine paper
-Felt initial hearts
-Framed wedding photo
-Red candles
-Wire heart garland
-Heart sticks 
-Vintage Valentines

Over Sunday brunch I found out another close friend also changed out her Christmas decorations into Valentine decorations.  I don't think I will extend the Christmas garland all the way into St. Patrick's Day decorations...but you just never know! 

Do you have any Christmas decorations that have stayed up for the duration of winter?  

Loving This Beautiful Life,

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