Saturday, January 4, 2014

Twenty Dollars in My Pocket

I'm sitting here at Dulles International Airport with a nearly five hour layover between our flight from Dallas, Texas and our connection to Munich, Germany.  Husband and I are on our way back to our home in Munich, Germany after a nearly three week stay in the States.

Our first hour here in Washington D.C. was spend sitting in an Irish Pub. My eyes and stomach settled on a Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and Avocado sandwich. Despite being a strongly pork dominated country, Germany does not seem too interested in American style bacon.  It was my $11.99 chance to enjoy the crispy meat candy one last time before the next 12 months take over.  (Right now we only make it home to the States once a year at Christmas.)

During a lengthy layover, there is only so much Duty-Free shopping to be done. Right now I'm sampling some French floral scented perfume.  (I hope my 10 hour in-flight neighbor likes it!) I scooped out the magazines in three different newsstands. After shifting through the out-dated covers loaded with Christmas recipes, I landed on two interior design magazines.  Now I'm sitting here twirling my thumbs wondering how to pass the remaining two hours.  Then I thought, why not give you the first blog entry for 2014?

During our last Irish lunch here in America, I found a beautiful 20 dollar bill folded up in my purse. After our layover that $20 bill is not going to do us much good until next December. So in anticipation of the homesick blues, I decided to go on a junk comfort food shopping trip right here in the airport. In an over-priced snack stand, I got some weird looks from the cashier as I bought Starburst, Corn Nuts, Nutter Butters, and a bag of Fritos. All for ONLY $19.83! I'm sure some random Sunday, I will be mighty glad to find a lost bag of Nutter Butters in the back of my kitchen cabinet.

Next Up... a Starbucks, need to use up my gift card, shopping trip.  Surely, some of those Via Instant Coffee packets will fit into my carry-on.  Only 1 hour and 30 minutes left until boarding!

Hope to see you in Munich during 2014!

Auf Wiedersehen,

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