Monday, June 16, 2014

Create a Memory Book: Baby's First Year

On a clear day, you can see the German Alps from our flat. Husband and I just had a week off of work for Pentecost and we spent Friday touring a palace older than Mount Vernon. Pretty soon we are taking a trip to Berlin and I'm in the middle of planning our second visit to see family in Denmark. I don't think it has ever reached 100 degrees Fahrenheit and we have all four seasons. I buy pumpkins off of farmer's tractors and our favorite wines are family grown just across the border. Oh yeah...and Germany has the best soccer team in the world! (we'll see soon enough, right?!) 

But... even among all of the perks about living abroad there are also some hard times.

Like...I missed my grandpa's 80th birthday celebration, I have never met my nephew, and this weekend my mom went to my best friend's baby shower without me. Ouch. Maybe I shouldn't be listening to Jason Boland during this writing session...wowza. Things just took a deep turn. 

Anyways, I told you guys a few weeks ago that I was working on a big project. After getting together with some of my artist friends I suddenly felt like I may have made this project out to be bigger than it actually is...but...the project was big for me so I am still calling it a big project. (big as in I finished it!)

I made a "Baby's First Year" memory book for my best friend Kim. Who's baby shower my mom attended. Without me. Bummer. Dibs on hosting Baby Shower #2! 

I hadn't scrap-booked in nearly five years. I'm still not sure what brought on the sudden urge to do it again...except nothing on her registry seemed to shout out at me. Hopefully someone bought her that diaper genie...anyone? To be honest, I wanted to give something that was from the heart. Cue the cheesey music.

Inside the memory book, I didn't want the pages just to be a standard scrapbook. I wanted the book to act as a place to hold memories. On each spread I left space for Kim to write down learning developments, funny stories, and just the little things that as a mom she would want to look back and reminisce.

As a new mom, I am sure time is precious. I can imagine it would be difficult to find time to create a scrapbook. This project was designed in order to make things easier on her in preserving those moments that flash by in the blink of an eye. 

Each monthly spread has room for 2-3 photos, space for recording memories, and a tracker of Baby Declan's age. My personal favorite monthly spread is June. (see above) I just love the bright colors and the flamingo reminds me of Baby Declan's grandmother. 

Living in Germany, I had the hardest time finding standard scrapbook albums common in the United States. Most albums I found in stores were with the extra large blank pages where you glue in your certificates and other mementos. I wanted an album that would fit 8.5"X11" pages. After searching on and, I was not willing to pay the outrageous costs and internationally shipping fees for albums that were "Eh..."

So... I settled on making an album using quilter's padding and a cut of fabric. I hadn't made one of these in nearly 15 years! At my local department store I found the cutest fabric in bright colored lions. I thought the material was perfect for Declan's lion themed nursery! I covered a binder in the padding, wrapped the fabric around, and placed felt sheets inside to create a clean look. 
Attending a Baby Shower with Skype!

Even though I was not able to physically be present at the baby shower, my friends Skyped me in at 10 p.m. It was a bit surreal sitting on the other side of a computer screen watching my best friends, my mom, and others shower Kim with wonderful things to help her care for Baby Declan. No matter which way, in the flesh or digital, it was fun to be a part of Kim's special day. Can't wait to meet Declan! 

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How did you preserve your baby's milestones? Did you use a traditional book, journal, or a digital scrapbook?

June Showers Bring July Babies,


  1. Wow! Great job. That scrapbook is epic.

    1. Thanks Amanda! I enjoyed it after a five year break.

  2. The scrapbook is beautiful. Eli can't wait to meet you both at Christmas!!

    1. Danke! I love that picture of Eli. Everytime I see it I smile.


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