Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Step Outside onto My Patio

Hallo! Over the past two months you have seen our German living room and teeny tiny kitchenToday I am linking up with Andrea over at Momfessionals to show you our outdoor living space!

I am a patio girl all the way. In fact, I have been known to pick a restaurant not based on their food, but the outdoor atmosphere. 

One of Husband's first arguments with me was rather or not we should eat at a Mexican restaurant because he said it was not good. All I saw were bright patio lights, a big water fountain, and comfortable chairs calling my name, "Maren..." We were just dating at the time and ended up at another location with better food and a simpler patio. In the end we both compromised. 

As you can tell, outdoor living spaces are quite important to me. When picking a place to live in Munich, a balcony was nonnegotiable. Being both from Texas, Husband and I (Shelby Dog too!) enjoy relaxing outside on warm summer nights. 

During our first year in Munich, Husband picked up a glass table and six chairs for FREE from an Australian expat. The furniture worked temporarily but was not a great solution. On our patio the table was too bulky for the space and getting into a seat meant a round of musical chairs. 

Last summer Husband and I splurged on an outdoor living set. I say "splurged" because the 4 piece set is the most expensive furniture in "outside" our flat! We debated back and forth the pros and cons of an outdoor living set versus a traditional table and chairs. 

We are so happy with our decision to purchase an outdoor living set. In the evenings I love sitting outside with my feet propped up watching the sunset.

This year we are trying a few new things. Husband and I have planted tomatoes, bell peppers, strawberries, mint, basil, and oregano. We are thrilled to try growing a few things we can watch mature and then use in a delicious summer dish. 

In addition to the edible plants, we also have potted some flowers for summer. I picked out geraniums, petunias, sweet potato vine, and bachelor's button. For now my winter pansies are still holding on if I keep them watered every day. Last year I bought a rose bush on clearance that is now climbing up a trellis Husband stained last weekend.

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  1. LOVE that patio set!! GORGEOUS and a perfect fit for your space! Thanks so much for linking up! :) Andrea

  2. Your patio is gorgeous. I love it!!

  3. the patio is super pretty!! I would love to hang out there.


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