Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What a Mighty Good Man

The way to a man's Maren's heart is through her stomach. Hope you're not hungry. This entire post is dedicated to food and the man behind it all. 

Husband and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary yesterday! Not wanting to be too sappy this year, I've decided to keep things light and share with you something I love about my man. 
He. Can. Cook. Like better than me. As in maybe he should get to choose how the kitchen is decorated because that is where he spends nearly every night of the week. 

Husband is gifted and talented when it comes to picking out compatible vegetables, spices, herbs, and anything else that might be tasty when mixed together. Most of the ingredients Husband uses are fresh, seasonal, and rarely frozen or canned. 

This is Husband cooking this past Saturday night. We are to the point now where we will choose to eat in because the food is better than out at some of the restaurants. You can see how focused he is at turning his stir fry.

Most of Husband's meals are not pre-planned but rather a concoction of whatever is hanging out in our refrigerator or what items are about to spoil. 

Another popular dish in our house is roasted chicken. Instead of purchasing chicken breasts, we purchase the whole chicken because it is cheaper that way! Can you believe more meat is cheaper than the "convenient" pre-cut chicken breasts? Above, Husband added to the dutch oven apple slices, carrots, onions and red bell peppers.

This is a picture of Husband cooking nearly two years ago when we were living in our first house in Germany. (You might have noticed the kitchen is not ours) We were newly weds back then!

You could say that I am better at other things like...
Dressing Up Our Dog in Husband's Shirts

Hugging Giant Ice Cream Cones in Brussels

Hugging Giant Ice Cream Cones in Rome

Okay...now I am starting to get off topic. Like I said, the man can cook! In our house he is the chef and I am the baker. It is one of the things that makes this marriage extra yummy delicious finger licking so amazing. We get the best of both worlds; savory and sweet!

Remember this healthy twist on traditional zucchini bread? It really has been too long since I last baked my Honey Almond Zucchini Carrot Bread! I also have plans to whip up another batch of those Key Lime Cupcakes I was raving about last summer. I took these cupcakes to the teacher's lounge on the last day of school and they were a hit!

Sometime next week I will share with you these cherry beauties. The cherries make this the perfect summertime recipe and just in time for the Fourth of July! Make sure and check back for the details.

So Husband, you keep on being the savory and I'll keep on being the sweet. I appreciate all you do for us and I will always be happy to pour you a cold one while you cook. Happy 2nd Anniversary, Babe!

A June Bride,
P.S. Congrats to Deanne on winning the Mainly Maren Giveaway with Cut and Tear! (check out her Etsy shop!) I will put your new retro swimmer girls in the mail! Thanks to everyone who participated in our giveaway, you guys rock!

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