Monday, June 30, 2014

Made It Monday: Cherry Almond Cookies

Just as quick as Christmas passed, Easter flew by and now here we are gearing up for American Independence Day. Husband and I are still unsure what our plans will consist of considering it is a normal work day over here in Germany. 

Celebrating America in Front of the U.S. Embassy with a Dunkin' Donuts Coffee <3

While looking through some old photos from last summer, I ran across something delicious I never shared with you! Remember Christmas 2012 when I gave Husband homemade cookies for an entire year? Each month I baked him a new a different batch of cookies that coordinated with the time of year. Well last July I baked and tried for the very first time Cherry Almond Cookies!

I found this recipe at my aunt's house back in 2011 and have adapted it to better suit my obsession for almond extract. Who hoards almond extract while living abroad? This girl.

Cherry Almond Cookies are commonly found around Christmas but with these babies being packed full of cherries....I think they are the perfect summertime cookie!

Looking pretty in pink. I thought this dough looked delicious in the raw. Kind of like ice cream even? You can see how packed full of cherries this cookie dough actually is with their beautiful red colors showing through. 

I teach baking in English on Fridays with 3-6 year olds and I truly believe you have to have your heart in baking to be successful in your creations. When my heart isn't in it, almost always there is a problem. Things burn....the dough isn't right....etc. A little love in baking goes a long way. 

While the Cherry Almond Cookies cooled, I made a batch of icing. I forgot to put this on the recipe card but I added 1/2 tsp of almond extract in with the milk. Like I said... I'm obsessed. 

I spread the icing over the tops of the cookies. Then of course I topped it off with another cherry. There's gotta be a cherry on top, right?! 

How cute would these Cherry Almond Cookies look set out at a Fourth of July celebration? There is just something about a cherry on top that makes these cookies look oh-so-summer. 

Since Husband and I will not be with my family at the lake this year, we most likely will end up celebrating in a traditional Bavarian beer garden. The Americans (and some British friends, haha!) living in Munich set up a get together every July 4th. Last year I spotted plenty of patriotic red, white, and blue wandering around the cobbled stoned streets of Munich. Perhaps I will spend a night this week whipping up a batch of these delicious treats to share!

Do you have a particular dish you make in honor of American Independence Day?

How is your family celebrating the Fourth of July?

P.S. I may or may not have listened to American patriotic music during the creation of this post. 

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