Sunday, September 22, 2013

DIY Halloween Ribbon Wreath

September is ending, the leaves are changing, and pumpkins are being sold at the farmer's market.  Fall is here!  This weekend I started getting the Halloween decor out of storage...then Husband told me it was too soon to decorate! *Gasp! What?! It is not too early to decorate for Halloween.  He requested I wait until October 1st to bring out the ghosts and goblins.  I quickly responded that maybe it was too early to make chili and Husband didn't say another word.  Now our house is looking spooktacular!

Getting out our Halloween decor reminded me of one of my all time favorite projects, a Halloween Ribbon Wreath.  I created this wreath two Halloweens ago bored on a Sunday afternoon. 

Even though the wreath is boxed up in storage back in the States, I still thought I'd share this fun easy project with you!

My favorite, sometimes most time consuming, indecisive part of a project is picking out the materials!  Since this ribbon wreath was last minute, I headed to my local Michael's but there are plenty of craft retailers online.  At Michael's, I stood in awe for about 10 20 30 minutes staring at the beautiful assortment of Halloween ribbons. There I tried to decide which ribbons go best together and match the vision in my head. 

Who else does this...  You stand in an aisle debating with yourself over rather or not to spend an extra dollar on something for so long.... that you've wasted a dollar's worth of your time?

At Michael's I picked out around 3 spools of Halloween ribbon.  Then I dug in their clearance bin and brought out 2 coordinating black and orange ribbons.  To add to the assortment of ribbons, I also bought a black bandanna.  At home I had leftover black material with white polka dots that I cut into strips along with the bandanna.
I mostly choose black ribbons with a few orange and green accents.

Usually, I use foam wreath rings but for the ribbon wreath I bought a 14" wire wreath ring.  Michael's also had plain white foam letters, so I picked up the ones I needed for "BOO".  I chose "Boo" because it was cheaper than "Spooky" or any other Halloween term. Gotta love saving a buck or two!

At home, nestled on my couch I began cutting all the ribbons into 8-10" lengths.  The polka dot and bandanna material I cut into 1"x10" strips.  Since the material was cheaper and I had more of it than the ribbons, the majority of the wreath is the polka dot and bandanna.  

After cutting the ribbons and material strips, I arranged them in alternating orders as to how I would tie them on the wire wreath ring. You can choose to tie randomly, but my sometimes guest appearance of OCDness would not allow me to do this.  To not waste unused material and ribbons, I only cut a handful of strips at a time, tied them all on the ring, then cut a bunch more as I needed, and repeated.

I painted the "BOO" letters with green acrylic paint.  After the paint dried, I brushed a layer of Mod Podge on the letter tops and sprinkled them with green glitter.

After the letters were finished, I played around with their placement on the wreath.  Turning the wreath around on the backside I realized I liked the  more uniformed ribbon look rather than having the ribbon ties of the front.  This was my personal choice for this wreath but the messy tied look on the front could be cute too.  I hot glued "BOO" to the bottom and the wreath was complete! 

Check out my Valentine pj pants reflecting in the glass...Classy!

Have you started decorating for fall?  Or is it as Husband says "too early"?

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