Monday, September 30, 2013

I Heart Reading

Down time. I have some right now so I thought it would be the perfect time to blog even though I am not sure what to say! Currently, I am sitting on my morning commute train. On a normal day I would study my German books but this past Thursday I passed the second level. Sehr gut! Other times I would read my book but I finished it last night. I can blog about....nothing in particular.

Let's talk about what I just read.

This past spring one of the British girls at work introduced me to author Lindsey Kelk's "I Heart..." series. A handful of us girls ended up passing around all the different Kelk books to one another over several months. During our coffee breaks we would discuss the book characters, what was currently happening in the books, and which guy would we want to marry. The books are light- hearted and entertaining with story lines a tad bit like an adult version of Mean Girls. 
Reading I Heart London in the summertime!

Author Lindsey Kelk is originally from London but is now living in New York City. Her writing style is flirty and adventurous.  Think Sex in the City with a British flare.  How cool would it be to live in NYC, have a keen sense of fashion, frequent the trendy places and then use some of your real life experiences to write fictional plots?  Basically, I want to be Lindsey Kelk when I grow up!

The "I Heart..." series starts with the book "I Heart New York" introducing the reader to a handful of colorful characters and couture designers that will leave your mouth salivating.  Ever since I started this series I have been dreaming of owning a beautiful leather Marc Jacobs satchel. At the end of the books (New York, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Paris, and London) Kelk provides recommendations of hip places to eat, drink, and shop if you are in that certain area. This definitely would make for a more fun travel guide!
I could be an author with a bag like this!

Last night I finished reading the newest book, About a Girl. Normally, I save my reading for the train rides but between Saturday and Sunday I couldn't put the book down. The book ended with a cliff hanger and I was forced to make up my own opinion. *Over-dramatic gasp* How dare that book!? The book has a sequel coming out Summer 2014. I am not sure how I can wait that long! I must know what happens...

If you are looking for an entertaining escape into the fashion world, check out author Lindsey Kelk. If you want Sci-Fi...I can't help you there.

Mainly Reading,

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