Saturday, September 21, 2013

It's Baaack...Oktoberfest

The world's largest beer festival kicked off today here in Munich.  Oktoberfest is celebrating it's 180th year with 16 days of hustling-bustling beer tents, obnoxiously illuminated rides, and enough fair food to spoil my calorie count all the way into November. It's time to get Bavarian! 
Oktoberfest 2012 Opening Day Parade

Husband and I are planning on making our first visit of the year to Oktoberfest sometime next weekend.  We've talked about doing an Oktoberfest Dinner Night where we head to Theresienwiese (the grounds) just to try a bunch of the yummy fair foods.  The fair food is a bit different than the State Fair of Texas.  There are no corny dogs or deep fried margaritas!  Some of my favorite foods at Oktoberfest are Nutella crepes, reiberdatschi (potato pancakes), rotisserie chicken, and fried apple spirals.  Husband prefers to eat schweinshaxen, bomb splitters (round marshmallow chocolate puffs), and of course a liter (or two!) of Oktoberfest beer.
Oktoberfest 2012

Last year Husband and I went to Oktoberfest around three times.  We'll probably do around that again this year between work get together and friend meet ups.  We still do not own traditional Bavarian dirndl and lederhosen.  I finally started looking around to see what style I like.  I do know that I want my dirndl to be proper, not one of the short cheapos, and most importantly, I don't want to look like I'm going out to milk an alpine cow. 
I love the silky green material and detailed edging on the above dirndl.  I think of dirndl shopping like buying a prom or bridesmaid's dress.  Even though I will probably promise to Husband "I will wear it again next year...please..." when the time comes around, I will want a new dirndl every year.  I can imagine it becomes addicting buying dirndls!

So in honor of Oktoberfest and all the BEAUTIFUL dirndls out there... I'm having another 

These Oktoberfest doll magnets are designed and handmade by my friend, Kate, artist of CUTandTEAR. The four girls are wearing traditional German dirndls inspired by designer couture. How cute would these girls decorate your office space or refrigerator?!

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Be sure to check out CUTandTear's Etsy shop for more styles specializing in lingerie and vintage designed bookmarks, cards, and more. 


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