Sunday, September 8, 2013

Giveaway to Celebrate!

In preparing for this blog entry, I may or may not have been inspired to listen to Christmas September.  You will see why, further down in this entry.

If you have been following along in the blog this week, you read that I opened a teeny, tiny, itsy-bitsy shop (Can you call a shelf a shop?) here in Munich.  After putting several wreaths on display, I saw that my shelf had quite a bit of unused space. 
So... I created these floral bobby-pins using fabric scraps, random buttons, and a girl's best glue-gun. 

For the display, I used items that I already had on hand. 

Getting back to the Christmas music. In Germany, wreaths are almost an exclusive Christmas tradition.  The concept of using a wreath to decorate the front door, to celebrate a birth, or even to bring in new seasons is not very common.

This is quite different in the United States, or at least in the South.  My mom has a closet strictly for storing wreaths.  My grandmother even had a row of homemade wreaths hanging on a rope in her laundry room!  Just a quick glance around on the internet and you will find a massive assortment of cute wreath ideas. A cheerful wreath on the front door is a great way to greet your guests. 

So...I must wonder, why are wreaths not used all year round in Germany?  Here is where I want your help!   
I'm looking for people to email me pictures of their wreaths hanging either on the front door or on a wall.  I would love to use these pictures to show the Germans how wreaths are being used all year.  I know I could just get pictures off of the internet, but I thought it would be fun seeing actual pictures from the readers of Mainly Maren. 

Let's make this a giveaway! For each person who sends me a picture, I will put their name into a drawing for a pair of the new floral bobby-pins.  The giveaway will end this coming Friday at 3 p.m. Central time. mainlymaren@gmail(dot)com

Spread the Cheer,

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